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Sep 8, 2011
I'm currently on OOS and I don't want to flash Pixel experience just grab a screenshot and switch back after wiping. But here is a different theme that has a similar icon. It's basically this icon but instead of it being a circle around the icon, it's a solid circle with the icon in it, but the icon is transparent, like it cuts a whole through the background disk. And the grey is a bit lighter shade and also transparent
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Hey, the Pixel statusbar icons are coming very soon in the alpha builds (which you can find on the Telegram channel) I'm also working on the QS icons but it's a little complicated since they aren't just in the SystemUI but also in the framework. As of the fingerprint icon, I could look into that, what exactly does it look like, do you have a screenshot?

Here is what it looks like. I know it's been a hot min. I went and made my own, I just don't have a way to use it with substratum. (Screenshot has my icon that I made edited overtop) Attached is the png file for the icon I made as well (I'd say about 50 opacity). Feel free to use it :D

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Mar 27, 2015
Here is what it looks like. I know it's been a hot min. I went and made my own, I just don't have a way to use it with substratum. (Screenshot has my icon that I made edited overtop) Attached is the png file for the icon I made as well (I'd say about 50 opacity). Feel free to use it :D
Is this oos or a custom rom?

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    Out of Oxygen

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tychoregter.outofoxygen

    Out of Oxygen is a substratum theme which tries to achieve a more Pixel-like experience for OxygenOS by changing icons and other visual things. I also added a couple of extra features like hiding the Roaming, data off and data indicator icons. The theme does also include a couple of wallpapers.

    Themed apps and features:

    - Quick settings
    - Power menu
    - Ambient Display
    - Lockscreen
    - Volume panel
    - Ringer slider
    SystemUI Header*
    - Multiple in-display fingerpint icon options
    SystemUI Statusbar*
    - Statusbar icons (P or Q style)
    - Option to hide network indicators (small arrows)
    SystemUI Navigationbar*
    - Option to change width of the navigation gesture pill
    Android System
    - Corner radius** (you can use all corner radius' for all devices but I named them to fit the device)
    - Power menu
    - Some quick settings icons
    OnePlus Launcher
    - Quick menu
    - Settings
    - Multiple icons
    - Shelf
    - Recents screen
    - Main screen
    - Icons
    Google App
    - Google Assistant
    OnePlus screenrecorder
    - Quick settings icon
    - Notification icon
    - Some minor icon tweaks
    Telegram X
    - Notification icon

    more coming soon...

    * make sure the header, statusbar and naviationbar overlays are on top of ALL SystemUI overlays
    ** Corner radius applies to: quick settings, notifications, recent apps, Google Assistant pop-up, volume and power menu, most pop-ups and more I probably forgot about.
    Google Photos album

    How to use:
    1. First you'll need Substratum or Substratum lite, you can download these from Google Play.
    2. Open substratum and select Out of Oxygen.
    3. On top of the list choose your Android version.
    4. Select all overlays you'd like to use and choose what ever you want in each of the drop-down menus.
    5. Tap on the button in the bottom right corner and tap "build & enable"
    6. Reboot, open substratum go to the overlay page and select all overlays, tap the bottom right icons and choose enable
    7. Enjoy!

    Supported devices:
    Most OnePlus devices running OxygenOS should be able to use this theme, it supports Android 9 and Android 10.
    The theme is tested by me on a OnePlus 5T (P), 6 (P & Q) and 7 Pro (Q). Some features and apps are not supported in Pie, the theme is build for Android 10 and I tried to get as many stuff working on Pie as possible, most of it is themed on Pie but Settings for example is a Q exclusive. This theme does not officially support any non-OnePlus devices nor any other roms than OxygenOS.

    I am not responsible for any problems with your device after installing this theme. I will be more than happy to assist you to resolve the issue but I won't take responsibility for any bricked devices.

    Support and suggestions:
    I'll give support in this thread or on Telegram, I will only provide support to users on the latest stable, beta or alpha build with all overlays updated to the latest version, users using a OnePlus device on OxygenOS 9 or 10 and users who are able to provide a decent description of the problem in English (with a screenshot or reproduction steps when needed). You can also share your suggestions, I'll always consider these but it won't be a guaranty I'll add them, some things have a higher priority than others and could take a while to make it into the theme.


    From now on changelogs are only provided to the Telegram channel and Google Play, check either of those for the latest changes.

    - Added android Q statusbar icons (experimental)
    - Added option to change width of the gesture pill
    - Added options for the fingerprint icon (6T and newer only)
    - Added some minor icons etc
    - Reordered all overlays
    - Cleaned up code
    - Got everything ready for a Google Play release
    - Probably more I forgot
    NOTE: Please uninstall all old overlays and do a fresh install of all the overlays you want.

    - Initial release
    NOTE: The signature changed! If you're on 2.8.0 or lower you have to uninstall and reinstall the app, either from Google Play or one of the links below, in order to keep receiving updates!
    Google Play
    Telegram Channel

    For all of my other projects and to stay up-to-date you can follow my other Telegram Channel
    It's dead?
    No, but I haven't had much time because of school and family. I'll soon try to update the theme.
    Hey guys! I just released Out of Oxygen on Google Play! This is my first app on Google Play so it's kind of a big deal for me! One this that's important to notice is that in order to install from Google Play or update to any future updates YOU NEED TO UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL THE APP! This is because of a change in signatures. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, you can find new versions of the apks in the main post or you can install the new versions from Google Play!

    These quick settings icons look weird. Are you sure they are actually like this on Pixels? Data, auto rotate, flashlight, battery saver, location, night light, dnd, etc. look off
    No they aren't, they are material design icons, I'm already planning on also porting the Pixel icons over but that will take some time
    Version 2.8.1-beta is now available for download, this update has a couple of new features and fixes. This update is also (probably) the final release before a stable and beta release on Google Play. The beta build on Google Play will be the exact same as this build while the stable build won't include the Q statusbar icon option. Enjoy the update!
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