Success! 5G Working on DEMO LG Wing.

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    So I was able to successfully get the DEMO LG Wing I bought off of ebay. (Model LMF101V) Flashed. And despite being told these didn't even have a modem in them, I am able to get 5G with a Tmobile SIM now. *I believe these were originally Verizon demo's, but I am not sure. I am missing storage, which I have seen was a problem with other LG demo models. However it appears the SD card is working, so this is not a huge deal to me. (It registers 8GB instead of 256GB) I know the storage is actually there, because prior to flashing, I was able to access and use it in the demo mode.

    I was wondering if anyone could help me get the biometrics working? The hardware is present and the phone does detect a fingerprint reader, but when trying to use it, it never registers any finger prints. *It does not accept or reject, the screen changes to indicate my finger is touching the glass, but nothing happens as far as registering my fingerprint goes, it just does nothing. I do not yet know if the 50% charging limitiation is still in place or not, I will update when I find out. I am assuming this is no longer an issue.

    Not bad for $180 now that it has service. I accomplished this by making my own modifications to LGUP, I will be honest, I am a newbie when it comes to this stuff. So I was poking around and changed a few things here, a few things there, and I could not tell you specifically what I did that made this work. The phone still does not show me an IMEI number. (Just a 0 in place of it.) I dont want to break the rules regarding changing IMEI's, but since this would be more like restoring the IMEI, maybe the mods will allow us to discuss potential fixes to that issue.
    Interesting this demo unit. What is the firmware showing in the system menu? Could you update to any newer firmware? Or could you unlock the bootloader / flash another official fimware?