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Nov 22, 2010
Back on either eclair or froyo, there was the ability to have different volumes for different apps,
So I could set the volume for navigation and Pandora separately, then plug it into my stereo in the car. Was a great feature

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    @op read the rules of development. This has nothing to do with releasing a ROM, kernel or mod. If you want to talk bout that stuff, that's what general is for and where this thread is going to be.
    Don't kid yourself. This belongs in General. Unless you are releasing something yourself, it shouldn't be posted in here.
    Please Port..
    Hashcodes safestrap recovery V3.0
    This recovery is based off TWRP and allows multiple rom slots to boot from. Reboot, pick one of you favorite roms and boot into it within seconds.
    http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php?/...ap Recovery V3.0 [10/17/2012 V3.05 - Ums Fix]

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    Boot manager in Google Play. Installs a rom to your sd and let's you boot anytime. Talk to Conap about getting the S3 supported

    Via my Google Galaxy S3 running sweet sweet Jelly Bean

    Thanks. Will do.
    Edit: just checked the app out and description already states they are working on the s3. Thats going to be very nice to have.

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    Option to get quick reply in the notifications for TW msg like the aosp version does.

    Hold home while phone is locked for torch.

    Can't think of any more right now.

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