Super Duper bricked galaxy gt-s5830T, dire need of assistance

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May 9, 2023
Hi, I have bricked my galaxy ace and am super stuck with trying to unbrick it, I'm pretty sure the reason I bricked it is because it's naming scheme is super confusing, you see I had attempted to flash a custom rom made for the gt-s5830i when in reality I should've been flashing a rom made for the gt-s5830 but because the gt-s5830t has a letter at the end I assumed it was a gt-5830i, after the flashing rom process semi failed and the recovery was acting strange so I rebooted and boom, brick. Black screen, no vibrating, no charging LED, nothing.

I have been at it for a whole year trying to get this thing back to life, I can get it into download mode with a key combination and recognized by odin however it will always get stuck on "setupconnection" irregardless of the cable, computer, version of odin, .ops file or assortment of .pda .csc or whatever I use. I am truly in a pickle am currently wondering if this thing is a lost cause because this is the first phone I ever flashed and don't want it to forever be a brick. Any help would be appreciated, there is damn near no info online to tell me what variant the t version is, damn carrier naming schemes. I have also never obtained an efs thing which I think could potentially bring some sort of life to the phone? If anyone has it please share it (P.S I think I was trying to flash a kitkat rom with some version of cwm, I wasnt screwing around with rom manager or anything like that)
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