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Themes / Apps / Mods Super Wallpapers on Stock Rom without root

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Hello friends, I wanted to share with you how I installed the super wallpapers on my Stock rom Redmi Note 10 mojito without any issues. at all.

All you need to do is download this wallpapers app

and super wallpapers will automatically appear along with your stock wallpapers. The just download then from within wallpapers selection you will see a download button on all wallpapers. If you want to latest alpha build wallpapers use the links below.

SuperWallpaperEarth ALPHA-2.6.157-12301143-ogl​

SuperWallpaperSaturn ALPHA-2.6.147-12141714-ogl​

SuperWallpaperSnowmountain ALPHA-2.6.202-03031712-ogl​

SuperWallpaperMars ALPHA-2.6.212-03181932-ogl​

SuperWallpaperGeometry ALPHA-2.7.169-01121036-vulkan​


Small warning the Geometry wallpapers slow down the phone, maybe it needs more resources than the phone has.


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  • Screenshot_2021-04-14-12-49-19-656_com.miui.miwallpaper.jpg
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