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May 11, 2016
What does it do?:
• Removes KingRoot / Kingo Root applications
Hello, I have Kingo root applications installed on my phone, but the application says that "It appears you are not rooted with KingRoot, please root with KingRoot and then run this application"

Any ideas? Phone: Flycat Optimum 5501


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Mar 8, 2016
Hi please help me my phone is Xperia T2ultra dual
Every thong worked fine but SUPERSU binary not installing.
OS very:5.1
king root used v4.8
SUPERSU me v6.2
thank you


Oct 15, 2016
Why does Super-Sume Pro app's description say
It is not advisable to uninstall this after KingRoot removal, because this fights for root in case KingRoot tries to reinsert itself again after a reboot, etc..
If it has wiped KingRoot off, from where does KingRoot come again ????!!!!!:confused::confused:
Is that so that it does not really remove KingRoot ?

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Mar 20, 2012
Do you really expect me to pay without knowing if it will work? Lol! I could buy 5 beers instead for the same amount of money. People are getting more greedy every day. Good luck!


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Aug 2, 2011
Help me out guys

I rooted with kingroot 5.3.1 and I used super-sume v 9.3.8 , when I click start it didn't even ask for root permission and stuck at " Processing, please wait......"
I'm on LG K10


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Jun 9, 2018
root my zuk z2 without pc

My phone lenovo zuk z2 plus 7.0 version .
but i cannot root with any of the rooting apk
because of the built in internal memory .i cant root super su with recovery mode.please help

plamen ivanov

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Aug 28, 2018
Working perfect i made supersu system app uninstall kingroot and supersume and factory reset the device. When the device started it was rooted supersu was there ready to use and no trace of kingroot. Just for info i used kingroot 4.9.3 and supersume pro 9 my device is lg h500f.
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    Super-SuMe Pro:

    We nor XDA are responsible for anything that you choose to do with this program to your device or others. Modifying our code or redistributing it is not allowed without prior approval from us.

    "If this application helps you out, please consider a small monetary donation to further improve development of this application. You can Donate by clicking the "Donate to Me" button on your left, underneath my Profile picture. (The Team will divide it up..)

    Developers / Contributors:
    @Tomsgt (RootJunky)

    Tester / Buddy:

    So after we gained root on the Note 4 everyone was excited, except that we all didn't like the KingRoot applications running
    on our device and were not sure what it all was collecting. Also, many of our favorite programs we know work with SuperSU and
    some even look for it. So we decided as a team to take on the challenge and come out with this script that will completely remove all of the KingRoot applications and put SuperSU on our device.


    • KingRoot application on your device (There are known issues with certain versions of Kingroot, below is the version I use and know works well..)

    Don't even try to run this if you have not just done a clean reboot and then rooted with KingRoot. Yes, you must do
    this, otherwise you risk a reboot in the middle of the process and will have to do it anyway..

    What does it do?:
    • Removes KingRoot / Kingo Root applications
    • Disables Knox
    • Installs SuperSU
    • It does NOT give you permanent root on the Note 4 (Update: The Pro version includes root protection, you will be surprised at how long you can retain root now.

    What audience of device does it support?:

    • AT&T Note 4
    • Verizon Note 4
    • Many, many other devices

    It also will work on pretty much any other device that has KingRoot installed and you are looking at getting over to SuperSU..

    This will work on any Android OS as long as you are rooted with KingRoot first.

    Process if your device reboots / you lose root:

    Uninstall Super-Sume Pro
    Root with KingRoot 5.x or newer
    Install and run Super-Sume Pro

    Here is a nice video that ours truly, RootJunky put together:

    Download Link:

    APK now available to do all of this for you without a PC..

    Well, we are now able to get permissive behavior on system for root instead of enforced. Yes, a reboot will wipe it out, but we are progressing..
    Absolutely not. Go check the Root Progress thread and see why.

    Edit: Since I was in a hurry to type that up I also forgot to say it doesn't matter whether you're using Kingroot or SuperSuMe, you will lose root. There's no sense in wasting time and effort to create an app to do what you're talking about. I would just deal with what you've got now and wait till we get permanent root solved.

    This post is not towards @heXacode, this post got me a little riled up:
    @heXacode is a valuable member of our community, so again, this is NOT directed at him directly..

    So, actually, I do have a script that will work on the device and allow you to remove Kingroot and all of its counter parts as well as install SuperSU for you. I have just not released it yet. I have tested it many times and have not found any issues with it thus far. I have been focusing on perm root.. I suppose if there is enough demand for it, I could release it.. I am definitely not about the bounty reward as the ultimate goal, I am about the community and helping others, but I will state this for the record. And BTW, there are three others on the team that are in the same boat as I am in.

    Just for all of you and to get an idea about how much money is in this business. I have invested countless hours building Debloater for the 2,000 some people, approximately that use it, I have gotten to date around $200.00 for my time. Everything related to SuperSU script and the discovery of root being able to be obtained by using Kingroot for the Note 4 and all of the countless hours trying to get perm root, $45.00...

    So if anyone thinks that this is all about the money, they need to really look at what a normal minimum wage person could make what I have gained in short order. Yet, I have invested literally weeks and months into all of the above and I know some of my team members have also invested a significant amount of their free time as well looking at perm root and developing roms, tools, etc with little appreciation from the community in any monetary form.

    So ask yourself, is this for the money or because it is fun and exciting and is a challenge ? And that maybe is why we are doing it...
    Guys, we're still on it. Don't give up yet. We're even trying unconventional methods..

    One click SuperSU-Me coming to you soon in an apk. Yep, just click a button and it will completely remove all the Kingroot garbage and install SuperSU for you. No more scripts, no more PC, etc..

    Still need to root with Kingroot, but so fast and easy now with this new method.