Supertux 2 for Android - 0.6 - (First post for APK)

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May 2, 2010
Hey, i'm preparing supertux for android, its already done, but kinda slow for now on slower devices, but on a nexus you will have full fps and music. Its missing a touchscreen joystick also.You can see the state of my progress here

I'm looking for people interested in testing it to launch a initial version to the market. The game will be free, and there is going to be a donate version with access to contrib levels.

Up -> dpad up
Down -> dpad down
Left -> vol +
Right -> vol-
Jump -> dpad center
action -> menu key
(you can change them ingame)

UPDATE: Virtual touch keys are only working for 2.2+ versions, i realized i'm using a newer API, i'm going to target the 2.0 devices for using it (earlier versions dont support multitouch).

You can now play with virtual keys, and you can map it as you want in options.
There directionbuttons.png and jumpactionbuttons.png have the layout of the buttons, i'd appreciate if someone made looking better ones.

-> Initial touchscreen input.
-> Playing with touchscreen eats FPS, JNI fault, you cant optimize it much... However i'll add an option in menu to hide touchscreen buttons.
-> Loading screen added, no more black screen, looking to ideas for layout
-> Some things more, which i dont remember.
-> You will have to download the data package again, with the modifications (i hope when it comes to market all the data files aren't modified)

- Improved in-game performance; no need to install logcat anymore if you dont want it.

- I don't think i'll improve the fps too much, but the inconsistence in some heavier parts in-game will be improved.


UPDATE: it seems the main MENU in game is very slow on nexus, i need someone with programming skills to help me out, as i just have an htc magic, and don't suffer from this problem.

Open keyboard on Droid -> [FATAL] main.cpp:589 Unexpected exception: OpenGLError while 'drawing': Unknown error (code 2963392)

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