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[Surface RT/2] Windows 10 ARM, Written Tutorial and Video* (External Site)

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New member
Mar 31, 2021
Thank you for such a detailed guide:alexenferman - kephax - tobiasvanc
Hello everybody, I was able to install windows 10 on my AsusVivo TG600TF but unfortunatly I lost the Audio drives. Has anyone available Audio drive files for ARM to downlolad in order to recovery the bt functionalities? how to install?
Forgive my bad English but hey I think I managed to repair the error Audio.My problem is Audio, look at foto.


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New member
Aug 4, 2021
Installed Windows 10 on my Surface 2 tablet. Frankly speaking, I see only a couple of advantages to installing Windows 10 and “tones” of disadvantages.

Windows 10 RT (+):
1. Microsoft Edge - new modern browser
2. Microsoft ToDo - is out of the box app

Windows 10 RT (-):
1. Windows 10 works 10-20% slowly than Windows 8.1. Many of apps (games) failed with “not enough resources error”
2. Minor number of ARM-architecture software for Windows 10 RT in Store
3. Minor number of pre-compiled software (less than 20 apps)
4. Using the search, MS Store returns many apps not supported by your tablet. No chance to filter by the ARM-architecture
4. Microsoft Edge - works very unstable. It doesn't open many web-sites
5. Microsoft People - can't sync with my Google account
6. Microsoft Calendar & Mail - can't sync with my Google account
7. Skype - works only with MS account [email protected] and doesn't work with skype accounts
8. Bluetooth – totally not working in my case! ! !
9. Unknown drivers - 4 unknown drivers (cannot be updated from the Internet)
10. OneDrive – has only Metro-app clients with many limitations.
11. Dropbox – no any client support this
12. 1Password - no any clients support this
13. Many legacy (outdated) apps (e.g. Files&Folders, Modern File Explores) with gaps in API interfaces to integrate with Dropbox, OneDrive, GDrive
14. Windows Defender - doesn't work! You can't check your tablet on viruses. This is very risky because you are working on "custom" Windows 10 RT build!!!
15. Other antivirus apps - no any apps works on Windows RT
16. Chinese language cannot be completely removed from the system. For example, it is on the Welcome screen in chose language

Resume: I don't see much reason to switch to this OS version


New member
Dec 5, 2021
Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for such a detailed and clear step-by-step on this subject. That is much appreciated.
One quick question, if I may... Just before I move on to Step 4 in your tutorial, can I use my own Windows 10 Home (or Pro) edition ISO file, instead of the file you have kindly made available?
Thank you in advance!


New member
Dec 5, 2021
Today I tried to do all the steps and migrate to Win 10 on my Surface RT tablet. I followed all the steps and reached the last one, where I need to install Windows 10 image.
I did this successfully, but after reboot I got a blue screen with the following messages: "You need to login as administrator to continue, but there aren't any administrator accounts on this PC". There is an option to go on the next screen, where I see a longer message stating the my admin account is missing and my only option would be to reboot. When reboot, I get back to the same place. Any ideas how to resolve this? I am very close to completing it and I do not want to quit now, but I also do not know how to proceed.

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    Hi everyone!

    I know thousands of tutorials have been already made for the Surface RT/2, they are not often updated, are missing important steps or are not covering common errors occurring while doing this procedure, leaving the user wondering what to do next.

    My tutorial will not be on this post, because of the limited layout options of an XDA post/thread.

    Here is the tutorial:
    This tutorial covers: The installation process, Pictures, Possible errors and solutions, Extras

    I also made a video.

    Comments or questions can be posted on this thread or in the comments section at the bottom section of the website.
    I am using store.rg-adguard to download apps. Some of them are asking for Microsoft.vcliba.1100.00 arm. I have found x86 and x64 over internet but not arm. Do you have it? Thank you man.

    Found it in "store.rg-adguard.net" thank you
    I followed this tutorial and I have windows 10 now. Still have question, why web browsing suck that much? It is incredibly slow.

    In you tutorial you mention a build update using "install.ps1" I did not found that file in the zip.

    Thank you again, great work you have there
    I followed this tutorial and I have windows 10 now. Still have question, why web browsing suck that much? It is incredibly slow.

    In you tutorial you mention a build update using "install.ps1" I did not found that file in the zip.

    Thank you again, great work you have there

    I know, browsing is slow.
    Well, in this case, you will have to open each file and click on "install"
    Hi Alex,
    I have read your instructions and most of the commends.
    Very interesting and I am eager to give it a try.
    One question though,
    In the meantime my Surface RT is version 8.1 and even has the start items in a row on the left side, as in windows 10.
    Should i go back to version 8.0 to start your Windows 10 upgrade?, or can I start from the present situation.
    Your help is much appreciated.
    Regards, Hans