Swap to installation via F-Droid?

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Macrophagus Rex

New member
Nov 25, 2019
HTC Desire
Google Nexus 5
Hello everybody! :)

Back then, when Magisk was splitted up in two separate files (Magisk-v21.4.zip & MagiskManager-v8.0.7.apk), I've downloaded both from GitHub and installed them successfully.
Meanwhile, with several updates there have been some simplifications. (y)
There's only one install-file instead of two, and we have the possibility to install via F-Droid, which sounds comfortable to me due to automated update notifications.

My questions now:
#) Is there a way to substitute my manually installed Magisk with the one from F-Droid without running into unwanted circumstances or problems?
#) What's about the two modules (Advanced Charging Controller + Systemless Hosts) I'm using?

Thx in advance!