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Switch/force audio source system-wide or per-app in Android 11

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Jul 2, 2015

I am searching for a solution to switch audio source (microphone) from default to my desired output, per-app or system-wide.

Specifically, I use iRig Stream USB device which is basically a USB DAC device (it captures external audio signal, eg. from a mixer or external microphone and replaces default audio from built-in mic in audio/video apps (e.g. camera app), so it's perfect for live dj sets, facebook, twitch, etc).

While using any of audio recorder apps, audio source is sucessfully switched to USB DAC, but when using Camera apps built-in microphone is used.

Only app that has built-in audio output switch is Open Camera, but it's not as good as stock camera and I also need to go live with specific apps (Facebook, Twitch, etc.)

I found out that there is an app called Lesser AudioSwitch that forces audio to switch to desired output, but as stated by the author, it's not working anymore on A11.

I am currently using Poco X3 NFC, Android 11. rooted. Been switching between ArrowOS, LineageOS and Xiaomi.EU roms but with no luck.

Are there any alternatives or workarounds for this, a standalone app, Magisk module or a script? Thanks in advance.