Switching runtime between Dalvik and ART

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Jul 21, 2008
San Diego
I read about the inclusion of the new ART runtime in 4.4, so I went into my Nexus 5 and enabled the setting. First reboot is supposed to take longer as the apps are prepared.


Unfortunately, my Nexus 5 did not recover from this and was stuck in a boot loop. Logcat showed a bunch of mm-camera errors.

I don't know how to switch the runtime back to dalvik. I can see the phone is loading libart.so, and if I could switch back to livdvm.so it might recover.

If anyone knows how to do this, it might be helpful to others.

I'm just going to restore the factory image to get the phone back.
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Apr 30, 2008
I flicked the switch to ART and was amazed at the speed improvements. I have only come across one app that would crash (asphalt 8). I am leaving it on, and if developers want me to buy their games, they better expect to support ART.


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Dec 2, 2010
Carnoustie, Scotland
Would it be wise to uninstall everything and re-install the programs with ART. Or does it do that for you?

ART does it all for you.

When you enable it will shut down your phone, then when you restart it will compile all the apps as it boots, this can take a few minutes and is battery intensive so make sure your phone has a good charge before you make the switch.

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    y do we insist on testing experimental features
    and complain about bugs.... o_O

    because the XDA forums are no longer about developers helping each other to accomplish a task. it's been publicized too much so now we have casuals here that do not understand what beta/alpha/etc means

    a great example is the 'early access' movement that's going on in the video game scene right now. looking at every steam forum for an early access game shows people complaining about bugs, issues, and changes, when they were already warned(many times, i might add) that the game is not ready

    y do we insist on testing experimental features
    and complain about bugs.... o_O
    What am i doing wrong? My Antutu benchmark dived from 25786 to 17856!! After enabling ART. Anyone?!

    Fck that benchmark crap.
    Guess it's neither optimized for 4.4 nor for android runtime.
    Ask yourself how it feels.

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    Disable xposed.

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    I am using ART and everything is working properly and is super snappy. I am really excited for this to be fully integrated and optimized :good:.
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