Sygav PX6 RK3399 Android Head Unit blackscreen help!

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Mar 20, 2022
Just got a PX6 RK3399 Android 10.0 Headunit, when left unplugged from the car for a while of time it will turn on and work correctly, but then goes back to the black screen after a reboot. By black screen, I mean the main display has no picture yet the backlight works. The buttons still make a beep sound but there is no sound otherwise when it's like this. I was able to see the head unit and touch screen still functions by plugging a monitor into the hdmi out on the stereo. I've tried factory resetting and used the RST button to get into recovery mode. The display is still black when in recovery mode.


The chinese support people have just told me a bunch of bullshit like "Have you rebooted the device?" or have I made sure it's plugged in.
Any help would be greatly appriciated. Also depending on if there is no fix. Is this a common issue with the PX6/PX systems? Would it be a bad idea to return it and buy another PX6 just from a different brand?

Another weird thing, it says Android 11 in the settings/about on the device.


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Sep 16, 2015
Napa, CA
Happened to me. I pulled the fuse for a few seconds and reinserted it. The screen came back to life and I haven't had a repeat occurrence in several months


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Feb 5, 2013
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@Tommy141x A couple questions for you, how long have you had this unit? Did you run the brightness at 100% when screen was working?

Considering your post was from March, I presume you've had the unit past the return period. There is a known issue with SYGAV and Dasaita with the TFT board if you run brightness at 100%. I would think that SYGAV would send you a replacement TFT board if you still have this unit and still have problems. I had a similar issue with a Dasaita unit and they sent me a replacement TFT board and that fixed the issue.
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Aug 19, 2008
Is not common...A Dasaita guy has the same.issue like you.... Could be hardware issue?
Did you make an upgrade of the MCU before getting the black screen?
If no display is very difficult to go to solutions...
I have a similar problem with my px6 rk3399 from wondefoo. I installed by mistake the worng mcu file nad now I´m stucked with a black screen unit. But I get connected to it by USB and can get into recovery mode.

Is there any way to install the correct MCU file again? Thanks for your help.