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Sync threads not running on Android 8

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Jan 9, 2012
tl;dr: is there something like "sync threads" or timers on Android 8 that could have stopped for whatever reason, and how do I start them?

I have a problem wherein sync of various apps stopped working days after a fresh install. Unfortunately, I do not know what I changed at the time it stopped working, but I do have some additional information:

It all started when I noticed that DAVDroid was not syncing.

I then discovered that Firefox was also not syncing, but when I hit the button in the sync settings, it actually forced a sync, and a toast was displayed "auto-sync timers have been started". It seems that this is actually a message issued by TaskWarrior, as that's the only hit for that phrase on the Web. Shortly after hitting that button, Firefox synchronised, and DAVDroid sync also started working.

Unfortunately, my device switched between access points during a subsequent sync, and since then, syncs have no longer been working, and I also cannot get Firefox to sync at all, nor can I get this "auto-sync timers" message back.

And yes, I've rebooted the device several times to no avail… :crying:

Do you have any idea what the issue could be?

Is it possible that there is something like a sync thread on Android, and those are somehow not running properly? How could I fix that?