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Jul 11, 2013
I found some screen animations that I thought I would share. Originally posted in an aroma installer by stangdriver44. For more detailed information, please visit the link to his thread below. I don't have any gifs or shots of the Animations so if you want to know what they are like, you'll have to visit his thread.

There are four full animations
Flyme - iOS - MissingLink - Nexus 7

And five add-on Dialog animations
Bounce - Drop - FlipMix - fold - slide

Unzip the ADB installer onto your PC. Run either the bat file, (animinstaller.bat) or if you prefer, the powershell file (one for linux, one for windows).
If you want to mix the full animations with different dialog add-on animations, install the full animation first, then the add-on. When done select "Build the module" option. Flash the that is created in a folder called ozop on your sdcard (via Magisk manager).

ADB Installer
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