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andy o

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May 6, 2012
Looks like the prices in California are going up 10% for prepaid cell service.
I also got that notice by text. It's dependent on location though. Also, it seems from the looks of it that T-mo itself will still charge you $30, only when you buy credit the taxes and fees will apply, so if you wanna save a few bucks you may buy as much credit as you can before the cutoff date.


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Aug 25, 2009
Watched a Netflix movie on LTE and my data moved .1mb

Looks like the prices in California are going up 10% for prepaid cell service.
Can someone provide the Binge on apk? I am also having this problem.


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Mar 1, 2012
I tried the Netflix sample short to get a bitrate, and it seemed to cap out at 750kbps on the stream. Perfectly watchable, but I wanted to see what it was like with Binge On disabled...

Ok, so I downloaded the T-Mobile My Account app and tried to do it through that instead. Success, and I was able to disable Binge On. Now Netflix showed as capping out at 1750kbps over 4G, so a little difference.
How noticeable was the difference in the stream quality?

I went to toggle Binge On back on and... the option is gone. Both on the site and in the app, there isn't a Binge On option anymore. Either it's teething issues, or perhaps they only let you disable it once a day? I'll see if the option reappears tomorrow I guess...
Lame. Any update on this?


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Jan 30, 2013
How noticeable was the difference in the stream quality?

Any update on this?
Bit of a long story.

First, the difference was noticeable, but not overly so.

And it took me almost two months to get the Binge On toggle thing sorted out. Long story short (with the help of T-Force Twitter) I now have a toggle under https://manage.my.t-mobile.com/profile/profilelanding.aspx (bottom left -> Phone Controls -> Binge On). This is only meant to be there for post-paid T-Mo customers, and prepaid is meant to instead toggle it under https://manage.my.t-mobile.com/Plan/Prepaid/PrePaid.aspx?unavid=PrepaidPlan (Add Available Services -> Other Services -> Binge On). However, like I said, if I toggle it there, it just disappears.

So now I have a normal toggle and it seems to work fine. Not sure if other $30 prepayers have the same toggle or what, but this is what I ended up with.
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andy o

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May 6, 2012
EDIT 2: should have checked 2 posts up.

Anyone else noticed that video is being throttled? Youtube and Netflix maybe others, top out at about 1.6Mbps measured with Network Monitor Mini, and when connecting through a VPN or Wifi it's of course much faster, and also the speed tests, and non-video services. HD video is impossible to watch without interruptions on LTE.

So it would appear it's Binge On, but there's no way to turn it off. The instructions for prepaid plans don't work with this plan. There is no "disable Binge On" option, just one that says "Binge On" as if you were to add it to your plan, but that does nothing when pressing "next".

EDIT: Found out how, it's undocumented apparently. You need to go to your profile, and there are phone options, and there is a Binge On button, turned on by default.
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    used the APK from post 1271 and it worked great on my N5 (Team mobile, $30 pre paid plan)
    Go with 5gb of 4g LTE. Especially now that Google voice can take and make calls for free on Wi-Fi and data through hangouts. In California I've never paid tax for refill cards and target always gives me 5%-15% off the price.

    The plan definitely includes music freedom I'm using it now and it never touches my 5gb of LTE

    I've made calls and taken calls with my Google number through hangouts on Wi-Fi and LTE without costing me any plan minutes.

    The calls go over LTE for me and use almost no data

    sent from my note 3
    So how exactly are you guys setting up Wifi calling or even calling out using mobile internet? Is there some sort of guide out there detailing how to set it up? I checked out those Voip apps but you have to pay for the servers and what not which defeats the purpose of getting the 30 dollars plan cause you have to pay extra for other voip features. Thanks

    I'm using CSipSimple (you need a nightly build after Nov 2nd due to some KitKat changes) which is a SIP VOIP client based on the pjsip SIP library. I've been using this SIP client for over a year now with really good results. The Nexus 5 just makes it better, with improved speaker/mic setup compared to my last device. For SIP service, I am using voip.ms. They provide a number for 99¢/month and calls for 1¢/minute. They also provide a bunch of additional functionality, including voice mail, call forwarding, ring groups, interactive voice response menus (press 1 for.. press 2 for..) and some other toys, pretty much the full compliment of Asterisk PBX features -- Including the ability to create subaccounts for all your devices/computers/ip phones (on their own extensions and everything). They also have servers in a range of locations, so you can pick the one with the lowest ping time from your area. They also provide toll-free numbers, if you're doing any sort of business, for 99¢/month + 2.4¢/min -- If you like to hand out your card for extra $$ helping the less tech-savvy, 99¢ gets you an 800 number and PBX-style call routing/voicemail possibilities for cheap professional telephone presence.

    VOIP over a good WiFi connection is very solid, and I've also had pretty good luck on mobile networks, as long as latency is <100ms and packet loss / jitter is low. Don't expect it to be great when you're driving, movement presents some significant challenges for mobile broadband, which digital voice networks (such as GSM/CDMA in voice mode) go to great technical lengths to address. However with good (not overloaded) 4G (HSPA+/LTE) service in a stationary state both T-mobile and AT&T's networks do better than I had expected.

    One thing I found today is that T-mobile's network appears to have a fairly short UDP NAT timeout, somewhere in the order of 5-10 minutes. CSipSimple has a default SIP register timeout of 30 minutes, meaning it re-registers the connection with the server every 30 minutes or so. Changing this to 4 minutes was necessary to ensure incoming calls always came through, otherwise the NAT mapping would expire and incoming calls wouldn't come through as the SIP packets weren't making it back to the device.

    Since I ended up giving out my Google Voice number as my primary contact number, I added my VOIP number as a forwarding phone and changed the outgoing caller ID to match my Google Voice number. If I'm at home, I'll pick up on the headset via gmail, on the go, via CSipSimple.

    I can't speak for any of the free VOIP apps, I figured $1/month for full Asterisk PBX functionality and 1¢/min is more than fair -- Especially when with subaccounts I get service to all my devices at no additional cost..

    Or activate a Sim on the phone. Prompts include this plan.

    I was hoping to do just that, but I guess their system was completely hosed when I tried -- Gave me an error on the clickthrough to activate, didn't even get started. Between that an the lack of numbers for my area code problem, I guess I picked the wrong day to activate.. Ah well, at least it's done. Still stoked at the quality of service for $30/month for 5gb.

    You, sir, are a godsend. I've been banging my head against the activation page and CSRs since last night trying to activate my SIM. Once I read your post, it switched city in the DFW metroplex and chose a new area code (214 is all filled up apparently). The online activation worked like a charm when I changed to a 972 area code. Thanks to you, I'm now enjoying 5GB of data @ $30/month. Can't beat that.

    Awesome! Glad to be of help :)
    Thanks for info. Don't use hangouts nor have go number. Vintage was atrocious when I used in the past.

    Ian B
    As someone who has used Talkatone/Groove IP/Vonage and Hangouts, a lot has changed in the last year or so.

    1.) RAM has improved. The first phone I tried VoIP calling on was a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit II. It had maybe 1GB of RAM. Issues like the phone not waking out of sleep quick enough for me to answer were major issues.

    2) Integration is better: Things were hit and miss with other providers but with Voice and Hangouts in-house, the compatibility is a lot more evident.

    3) LTE: My Nexus 4 experience was better than my Galaxy Exhibit II but my Alcatel Idol 3 w/ all T-Mobile bands is even better. I made an international VoIP call while walking around for 40 minutes and it was great. Before, I could make a decent call over HSPA if I stayed stationary, but LTE allows much more freedom.

    I feel like I am becoming a cheerleader for Hangouts, but you really owe it to yourself to try it again imo. Especially since it is free. Project Fi uses Hangouts for all Wi-Fi calls so you can also check there to see if any complaints are being lodged by Nexus 6 users,
    I'm not going to have anyone call my T-Mobile number. I'm not even going to give it out. So I don't need to have conditional call forwarding from the T-Mobile # to the GV number. I am going to port my Colorado number to my Google Voice account and have people call that number. Their call will go directly to Google Voice, which I can then set to automatically forward the call to my Skype number. When the call goes to Skype, I can answer it on my Nexus 5 through the skype app (or on my PC). If I don't answer, Google Voice will take the call back and let them leave a voicemail on google voice. No conditional call forwarding required.

    One note, I just realized that Hangouts uses the SMS of the sim carrier, not routed through google voice, so my SMS will originate from the new T-Mobile number that I don't want to give out. Any suggestions for SMS from my Google Voice number?

    XVoicePlus just came out on the 5th. You do need Xposed framework though to use this. It acts like Voice+ in that you send from your Google voice number while using hangouts.

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