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T-Mobile 6T to International Conversion (WITHOUT unlocked bootloader/SIM unlock!)

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Jan 10, 2016
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Thanks a lot, I appreciate the confirmation. Will proceed with conversion and root. Anything to be aware of during the process or issues?
Thanks a lot, I appreciate the confirmation. Will proceed with conversion and root. Anything to be aware of during the process or issues?
Thanks a lot, I appreciate the confirmation. Will proceed with conversion and root. Anything to be aware of during the process or issues?

Anyone has any advice/tips? Should I just go to 11 Beta with hotfix as it seems to be fairly stable/bug-free?
If you don't have wifi working. Then flash a custom kernel. I use the mcd r6 from Mcdachpappe. It's a great kernel. Lastly nolimits 12.0 makes this phone a beast.
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Aug 12, 2021
help this didn't work for my and now my phone is bricked I can't turn it on at all. I followed the instructions exactly but the msm download tool never opened properly and since plugging my phone in with the volume buttons held down it wont turn back on

EDIT - ok the phone is back online, but I still need help if someone can tell me why the msm download tool isn't working properly. when I try to open it all it does is bring up an "open" window as if it's trying to open a file, and the only file available is the fajita ops file.

When selecting that a dialogue box opens that says "Packaged image not exist!"
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Jul 29, 2012
MsmDownloadTool V4.0_factory_patched.exe did not work for me so I felt adventurous so tried
MsmDownloadTool V4.0_factory_mcl_op1_patched.exe and it worked for me. Thanks!


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HI friends, i have converted my t-mobile version of Oneplus 6T to global. after updating to OOS11 using local upgrade after booting up system now the settings app is force closing and not getting opened. When i try to dirty flash the a11 in twrp it throws error at step 2 . anyway i can recover the phone to a working condition.

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    In the previous thread, we discussed a method to convert T-Mobile 6T's to the international variant, sort of, but it required an unlocked bootloader, which itself requires a SIM unlock which T-Mobile gives people a hard time about.

    However, it is through @Dark Nightmare and @iaTa's efforts that we've come this far. Today, I share with everyone a new method to turn a T-Mobile 6T into an international variant. One that does NOT require an unlocked bootloader or a SIM unlock!

    Before you proceed: Following the steps below WILL wipe your phone. Please backup all of your important files from the phone before proceeding.

    Here are the steps:
    1) Download 6T MsmDownloadTool v4.0.58 (OOS v9.0.11) provided by @iaTa
    2) Download patched flasher tools here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dYuVxnf_J97KPrRt6KEBOjau1BRvtnJQ (the patches simply remove checks that allow all the images to be flashed on the phone, I've personally tested the "MsmDownloadTool V4.0_factory_patched.exe" but not the "MsmDownloadTool V4.0_factory_mcl_op1_patched.exe" variant. You can do a binary diff on the EXEs against the originals in case there's any issues with trust.
    3) Shut down your T-Mobile 6T completely
    4) Press and hold Volume Up and Volume down keys simultaneously
    5) With those two buttons held down, plug in your USB cord to your PC
    6) Ensure that the USB drivers for Qcom download mode are installed and working (available in the MSMDownloadTool thread)
    7) Extract the patched tools EXEs to the same directory as where you extracted the MSMDownloadTool
    8) Run "MsmDownloadTool V4.0_factory_patched.exe" (or the other one, if you're feeling adventurous)
    9) Click "Start" when you're ready to start patching the phone
    10) After about 5 minutes it will finish its job and reboot the phone
    11) Phone will boot normally, but no more T-Mobile logo, and instead there is the OxygenOS generic logo
    12) Now your T-Mobile 6T is now running identical software to the unlocked 6T sold directly by OnePlus, and running the latest software (OxygenOS 9.0.11 at the time of this writing). You can even participate in Open Betas if you'd like, and the "Local Upgrade" feature is now enabled and working.
    13) ???
    14) Profit

    Hope this helps somebody out.

    It definitely works.
    If you want to unlock bootloader after it's converted, then it's just a simple fastboot oem unlock WITHOUT having to wait 7 days for OnePlus unlock bin. Just like the 6T sold by OnePlus directly. And you can even load a dual-SIM tray and both SIM slots work normally.
    I created a video tutorial for those who may be having issues or struggling with the process. Enjoy!
    Note: It's currently still processing, so the quality will be improved when that's complete.

    NOTHING is wrong or missing in the instructions; follow them EXACTLY..
    Use winzip NOT winrar..Make sure your computer has the QUALCOMM driver installed
    Make sure your pc sees your phone.
    Use the cable your phone came with
    Try a different USB port

    If this doesnt work for you, its YOUR fault, not the instructions or the OP's fault
    I don't have the T-Mobile 6T, but on top of giving an idea, I wanted to say congratulations!

    Now as for an idea, if you guys want to see if OTA updating works, couldn't you guys:

    1. do the conversion
    2. downgrade with an older msm tool
    3. reboot and test software update in the os

    That way you won't have to wait to see if it works?

    Edit: If you're searching for a downgrade, I've been collecting all factory images and MSMTool for the 6T here: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=285795

    The one that will take you to the original OxygenOS (9.0.5) for the non T-Mobile variant is in the "OxygenOS MSMDownloadTool" folder named "oneplus6t_fajita_oxygen_41_o.11_181103.zip"