T-Mobile 7T Conversion to International WITHOUT unlocked bootloader/SIM unlock!

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    Here is a patched MSM download tool for TMobile OP7T.
    It will bypass the need to sim unlock before unlocking the bootloader, and will also bypass the need of an unlock token file from OnePlus (hence skip the wait period of 1 week to get the privilege to unlock). It will NOT sim unlock the phone.

    1) Download the patched MSM download tool: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12y3lO0wIgb2_LSDeVw9x_2C_HjbgZlb_/view?usp=sharing

    2) Run the tool, connect your phone in EDL mode (see below how to do it if you don't know), ensure the "sha256 check" is NOT checked, click the Start button and wait until it's completed.

    3) The phone will show a red warning saying "device is corrupt", just ignore that and wait some time. It will fallback in fastboot because it's not able to boot. Now run the following fastboot command:
    fastboot flashing unlock_critical

    4) Bootloader is now unlocked. Update your fastboot executable, otherwise you'll encounter errors and modem issues. Download it here: https://dl.google.com/android/repository/platform-tools-latest-windows.zip. Then boot the phone in fastboot mode, and follow the steps 7, 8 and 9 of this nice guide : https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-7t/how-to/guide-t-mobile-brand-conversion-to-t4019495

    How to enter EDL mode:
    [...] Getting into EDL mode took me a while because I'd never had to do that on any previous phone way back when I used custom ROMs. Note that in EDL mode the screen is blank, and apparently it times out after 10 seconds. So the way to do it is to power off the phone and disconnect the USB if it's connected. Then press both volume UP and DOWN at same time, then while holding those buttons down, insert the USB which should already be connected to your computer. The best way would be to have the MSM program already open on your PC, then put phone into ELD mode. I had my left hand holding the volume buttons on the phone (press hard with two fingers to be sure), used right hand to plug in USB, then right hand on the mouse to work MSM. Once the USB is plugged in, watch the MSM window and look for it to say "Connected". Then just click the Start button. You can then release the volume buttons on the phone and let MSM do its thing. [...]
    so I'm gonna write my own summary hoping it fills any gaps. thanks to everyone else for providing very useful information and thanks to OP for putting in the work for figuring this out.

    1. first and foremost, make sure all of your drivers are correct. this is a must. boot into fastboot and EDL modes and check your device manager to make sure their drivers are properly installed. I had issues with getting the fastboot driver to work on my desktop but was picked up easily on my laptop. i still ended up pursuing fixing the driver on the desktop but no drivers from anywhere would work. i ended up going into windows update and installing the optional driver updates--some of these might be named samsung, but install any that sound related to android. this finally fixed the fastboot driver error on my desktop. the fastboot driver on my device manager was called "kedacom USB device">android bootloader interface

    2. I used the "all in one tool" available on this forum to get into EDL mode but you can do it manually too, it's not hard. as mentioned before, you will need to hold down the buttons then click start in MSM. If you release the volume buttons early it will kick you out of EDL--well at least for me. you can release the buttons once MSM starts. MSM took me about 130 seconds. This was over USB 3.0 port. I had no issue with USB 3.0 ports throughout the process but YMMV. At the end, it will give you a bootloader unlock menu and ask whether to unlock it or not. no one mentioned it before, but you have to manually click yes to unlock it. you will be kicked back into fastboot mode with the bootloader status as unlocked.

    3. I downloaded 10.0.9 global rom package, because i'm planning to relock the bootloader after. if you plan to keep bootloader unlocked just update to latest zip available. if you're planning to relock, make sure the zip isn't the latest version as you won't be able to OTA update from the OS if it's latest version (until there's another update). Copy the contents of the global rom zip into your ADB folder. The ADB tools inside the global rom zip might be older so I decided to keep the files in the ADB folder as is (i.e. the ones linked in OP) and not overwrite with the ADB files from the global rom zip. I went to CMD into the adb folder and ran the flash bat command. The first time it went to the "waiting for device" stage but did not go back into fastboot mode to continue, instead went to pink TMO bootscreen and eventually into the OS. I manually went back into fastboot mode via recovery mode and tried again. This time it went through it all (ignore the errors as mentioned in the CMD screen)

    You're done here if you want to keep the bootloader unlocked

    4. If you plan to relock bootloader, go into settings menu and look for update. you should get one, download it and install it. Once installed, factory reset and let it boot into OS. Then go into fastboot mode and relock bootloader with commands below

    check to make sure phone is being picked up by bootloader

    fastboot devices

    command to relock bootloader

    fastboot oem lock

    I went back into the fastboot menu to make sure it's locked and did another factory reset

    I can confirm that play store shows as certified and google pay cards can be added but I have not confirmed anything beyond that or checked netflix

    i hope this helps somewhat, good luck!
    Tested, 100% working.
    No risks, if there is an error you can just flash the stock TMO msm and you'll be 100% stock and working.
    This is to bypass the need to sim unlock and to bypass the wait period of OnePlus. But this does not sim unlock the phone.

    Confirmed! Presently bootloader unlocked and global rom installed. Will receive my unlock token on Friday......hee hee.
    Wanted to say thank you for putting this together and making it dummy proof.
    Did you reopen another cmd to do this? When I restart my phone into fastboot, Powershell continued to do its thing until my phone restarted and it got stuck.

    I'll have to find another computer to try if that's not the case

    No, I did not.

    From what I understand, in some cases, you need to do the flash-all.bat twice, not sure if it's a bug or a feature. Long store short, use flash-all.bat command to flash the rom into the phone, then the phone restart into the pink T-Mobile screen, shut down the phone, restart it into fastboot, then use Flash-all.bat command again, and this time the phone will restart into the fastbootd mode(not sure what it's called) basically a screen looks like this "简体中文 繁體中文 English", if you see this screen, you're half way done, wait here until the CMD/powershell flash all the ROM into the phone, then the phone will restart, and voila.

    PS: if you want to relock the bootloader, you need to flash the 10.0.8 or early version, then use the OTA update to update to the latest version, then do a factory rest, and then use command to lock the phone, otherwise, you will face a software brick, which you have to redo every steps.

    I used CMD to do everything, powershell should do the same, and I was unable to pass the pink screen as you in my Desktop running Windows 10 LTSC, but I was able to flash my phone in an old ThinkPad laptop running windows 7 pro.

    So, in your case, I assume it's system related issue, if you did every steps correct. and the only solution would be try it in other computer.

    Hope this helps
    I'm not sure. In my case, I had a driver that appeared to be correct but the MSM tool would just hang. If you have the phone running in edl mode you could check the driver version in device manager but I'm not sure how to verify which one is the correct one.

    This is the driver I ended up using.


    In addition, you'll need these drivers for windows too, in order for the phone to be recognized when it reboots into fastbootD.

    FastbootD is when the phone reboots for the firsttime after you run flash-all.bat, you get the screen saying hold the power button to pause booting, and then it brings you to the screen with the oneplus logo, and 3 language choices. Without these drivers it never gets recognized and can't continue.

    Between the OPS instructions and the ones posted by Vallan, i was able to do this yesterday on the Tmobile unlocked sim phone that b&h had for 299 on Black friday, works great and it auto updated itself to the latest OTA from oneplus. After doing that update, do a factory reset on it and then you can re-lock your bootloader if you want to.
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