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T-Mobile Bootloader/Sim unlock Bypass..

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Apr 17, 2015
OnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlus 7T
The issue is that I'm outside US. I bought my phone on eBay and it had outstanding balance. The seller didn't provide me with the information you need for unlocking. :(
Hi bro, did you later get to unlock your sim, if yes how

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I'm shocked there is absolutely no discussion on the new method that just launced. Due to the lack of activity, it's not made clear if the bootloader unlock method unlocks the sim card as well.. I don't even know if the method is worth taking or has any significant issues in the longrun..
Hi bro, have there been anybreak through on this yet
Thanks in advance


Jul 15, 2015
Well I think I got something to do with this sim unlock of this model after hours of researching at cost of get my phone modem wasted, but i share something, now the t-mobile app unlock says that its permanent unlock but the phone doesnt recognize the sim or the network.


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Jul 16, 2012
It´s not working yet, but I think I'm close, I´m in a deadend because my modemst1 - modemst2 - fsg maybe got corrupted, because Sim dont work
If you will find some way to unlock t-mobile locked sim, please inform us too. We all are waiting to good news how to unlock this god damn t-mobile app.

Have you find a way how to unlock sim on t-mobile. We are waiting for the solution of this problem.
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