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T-Mobile receiving limited stock

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Aug 17, 2014
I was told my 12/1 order would ship beginning of February. I cancelled my order on 12/15 for the 64 gigs. Got an email from a store manager saying they had 8 32gig come in in a shipment and he held 2 for me. Got them Sunday


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Aug 24, 2012
Merry Christmas to all of us. Brothers in arms. This thread has given us a place to connect and vent on an issue we all shared. I'm thankful for all involved and thankful for the information we have been able to share. With or without your nexus, enjoy your day.
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Jun 10, 2011
New York
Merry Christmas to all of us. Brothers in arms. This thread has given us a place to connect and vent on an issue we all shared. I'm thankful for all involved and thankful for the information we have been able to share. With or without your nexus, enjoy your day.
The thing is has T-Slowbile learned from this fiasco or are they destined to relive this debauchery next big flagship launch..? That is the question..?

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Aug 24, 2012
I doubt they will learn. I've learned though. The financing isn't worth the headache and next time I won't wait for T-Mobile. I'll do my usual GPS refresh spam until I get it on day one like I did with my Nexus 5. At this point I'm just gonna pay cash and go straight to the source. At least with T-Mobile when I pay in full my bill is cheaper unlike everyone else
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Jun 17, 2010
Well it finally happened... I got charged... Its been a lomg month. No tracking info yet, but hopefully ill recieve my mb 64 before 2015.

Card charged 12/24/2014
at ~12pm

Back Ordered*12/06/2014
at*02:57:22 AM

Order Placed*12/05/2014
at*04:53:03 PM

Has anyones order actually changed that has a pendimg charge

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Pending charge, still no tracking info. Chose overnight shipping, I might have to wait until Monday instead of Friday for my phone it seems. inb4evenlongerw8

Holy cow! I have pending charge as well now! Ordered Dec 1st. No tracking info though.

Still pending for me....I have a feeling they'll ship on Friday...


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Jun 29, 2007
I had everything billed to my tmobile acct so there won't be a pending charge for me

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Nov 28, 2014
Phoenix AZ
wait is almost

My wait is almost over! One of the early 11/19 orders. Card was charged last week 12/18, shipped on 12/19 ,got UPS tracking number and a delivery date of 12/23 but it got rescheduled for 12/29. Via UPS' site I see that my phone is here in Phoenix AZ but it won't be delivered until Monday 12/29 :( . I called UPS to see if I could go and pick it up today instead of waiting until Monday. The guy at UPS told me that I had to wait until the destination scan had taken place to be able to pick it up. So if I don't get my phone today I will have it on Monday:victory:.

ordered 11/19/ at 3:48 am
card charged on 12/18
UPS shipped 12/19
was scheduled for delivery on 12/23 but got rescheduled
eta for delivery is 12/29


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Nov 17, 2010
Ordered my 32 GB on December 17 from T-Mobile (phone order, I'm an existing customer and demanded the $48 discount being offered to new lines). Shipped December 18th from Louisville, KY. Arrived in Minneapolis via ground December 19th. Was lucky enough for it to be the one Saturday of the year that UPS opens customer service counters - pickup from local customer service window on December 20.

This was the 32GB model. There was no firm ETA on 64 GB models and 32 has always been enough for me. I had zero wait getting the Nexus 6 through T-Mobile last week. The only thing that delayed my order was me deciding whether or not to spend $650 on a phone.


Apr 28, 2014
So, it looks like I've finally had a good ending to this long, painful story.

  • Ordered the 64GB on 11/19, 6 am, EIP via JUMP.
  • Numerous posts, calls, emails, tweets, etc. like everyone else on this thread. Managed to get the $48 cyber monday discount, and another $60 later taken off my bill.
  • Got a 32GB in store on 12/12 after being told that they'd refund the $50 restocking if I decided to return it and go for the 64. I like it, but realize that yeah, 32 just isn't going to cut it.
  • After The Great Restocking happens, 64GB ships late, and via ground despite paying for 3-day air.
  • I call and point out that due to their shipping error, I'm going to receive the 64 too late and will have to return the 32, switch back to my old Note 3, only to switch back to the 64 2 days later. They extend my 14-day return by 3 days so I'll have a chance to return it.
  • The 64 arrives! I'm happy! Merry Christmas to me!

I'll be returning the 32 today or tomorrow, and sending my old JUMPer back, and then requesting the restocking refund - if everything works out, in a few weeks, I'll finally be truly done with this whole exhausting mess. :) Thanks to everyone on here who has kept me company and whined and complained and fought alongside me. I hope to never be in this situation with you people again. ;)


Nov 19, 2008
Ordered a 64GB MB on 11/26 for my Dad (his phone is on my account). Shipped in the middle of last week and was supposed to get it on XMas eve but it looks like UPS lost it. :crying:

I called T-Mobile to post an inquiry and now it looks like it will be at least another week until I get it...:(

The 64 GB CW I ordered for myself from the Google Play store last week will probably get here faster (ships Jan 5th). Just needed to vent....1st world problems.
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    64 gb online only starting the 12th, 32 gb in stores starting the 12th..

    ---------- Post added at 04:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:42 PM ----------

    And Midnight Blue only... I'm sure that has been stated several times already.

    I was about to post about this.
    OK, so as an update, I've been told that orders placed 11/19 and 11/20 are supposed to ship and be delivered by (not ship - delivered) 12/22. An order has come in and will fill those roles.

    I stated that I have no trust that this is the case considering the history, and have been reviewing the timeline I've emailed to Mike Sievert and John Legere. I have also included previous emails with exec csr's listing the order numbers i had asked those with delivered 64GB N6's to share.

    I have asked for a response that will demonstrate that this date is true and not something to quiet me.

    This was on the exec CSR front.

    I'm still having a conversation with Des on the matter.

    The more I get, the more I will let you know. I'm not done until this debacle is sorted out. None of my clients would ever accept this, and I don't see why we should either.
    T-mobile.com; New customer
    Next Day Shipping
    Order: 11/19/2014 at 7:24 AM PST
    Backordered: 11/19/2014
    Delivery info: 11/20/14
    Delivered: 11/21/2014 at 1:10 PM PST

    This makes me want to drown a kitten.
    To those of us still waiting....

    To all of my Nov 18th - 19th friends I hope that today brings you credit card charges and shipping notifications!

    Let's hope that at least some of us are taken care of today. I still have hope that we'll get our phones by Christmas. lol
    Maybe T-Mo is finally working on the issue? The my.t-mobile portal is down, which is rare for mid-day.

    T-Mo just getting ready to update everyone's shipping status on monday