T-Mobile Sim Unlock?

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Jan 12, 2012
I bought my phone new unlocked and am sending it back to LG for warranty repair. Part of the screen quit working. I started the process of sending it back and got the prompt below which pretty much says I'll get my phone back re-locked to T-mobile. Pretty sure T-mobile won't unlock this phone for me as I never used it with them. Locked to T-mobile, my phone is just a paperweight. Is there a way to sim unlock the phone after LG re-locks it that doesn't involve T-mobile or paying a ridiculous ransom to some sketchy unlocking website?



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Apr 18, 2011
If it's locked back to T-Mobile then you should be able to reach out to them to have it unlocked as it will be part of their database. If you have doubts I would save any relevant info like IMEI off current phone reach out to t-force by Facebook or Twitter and let them know the situation and they can tell you what you need to do to have the phone unlocked again.

I'm pretty sure if you have proof that you sent in an unlocked phone and received a lock phone they will unlock it for you. Reaching out before hand you can also get a reference number or screenshot the conversation so you can have proof at a later date if they say you're fine and have LG service and replace it etc if Tmo gives you trouble in the future.