General T-Mobile (SM-A326U) unlocking rules/terms.

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Dec 15, 2014
Azusa, CA
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Can these images be flashed from a SOP/SOP8 programmer like the CH341A? Or even if not that bios chip set then which ever one it problem I will find adaptor, (it's my soldering skills that need work), but can it be flashed this way?


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Jul 31, 2012
Hey, I have the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G from Boost Mobile (T-Mobile) but I bought mine out right & the OEM unlock is not present either. Also I see a lot of people are saying that they have A326U1 or something. Mine is A326USQU6AUK1. Do you think it's possible to root
You are on v6 bootloader, only 1-3 are unlockable

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    How about some kind of turbo sim? May be some paid services ? Really need to use with another sim... And if I pay it off I will not get credits, right?

    Wait til you get at least 1 bill credit before you pay it off just to make sure the promotional credits are active. But if you do pay off the phone, you'll still receive the promotional recurring device credits as long as that line remains active. Info here if you want to read the details by T-Mobile.
    Any luck?

    If this phone (A326U) can't have the bootloader unlocked it is of almost no use to me. I wonder if I can return it.

    It will go to fastboot and can be seen via fastboot devices. Issuing fastboot flashing unlock returns

    FAILED (remote: 'unknown command')
    fastboot: error: Command failed

    I suppose this means existing bootloader does not have these commands in it or the missing OEM locking option is preventing the command from running?

    Also I am wondering if there is somewhere to buy one that can have the bootloader (like for Metro PCS or other).

    T-Mobile indicates they will bring a phone in to their network that can be unlocked but their policies (as mentioned in other threads) preclude unlocking a T-Mobile sourced device that has not been on their network for 40 days or after the 2 year contract if it is a contract purchased phone. An externally sourced phone can be added to their network and unlocked for SIM and bootloader.
    Mines rooted. theres a service for unlocking the bootloader

    Buy directly from Samsung and you wont have bootloader problems
    Today I used the Samsung chat option on the website and asked for the unlock code for my A32 5G on Metro POS network. They put a ticket in for unlock code request. I'll let you know how it goes! 🤞🏼