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General T-mobile Stock boot.img

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Senior Member
Apr 22, 2021
When you say I only need to replace my own modem file, do i not install the modem file from that thread and just keep mine? Sorry i didnt understand what you meant.
Refer to this thread



Senior Member
Apr 10, 2013
OnePlus 9
OnePlus 9 Pro
I ended up just converting my TMobile branded to the global version. Same thing just quicker updates and less trouble keeping root.
I have had network issues and calling issues when i converted my tmob to global even after flashing tmob modem.

After a deep sleep, they cannot call my phone unless I restart. My network speed took a big hit aswell.

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    I have seen a few people still in need of the stock boot.img for t-mobile Oneplus 9 (LE2117) So I have attached it for those in need!👊
    Here is the stock boot.img for Oneplus 9 T-Mobile
    Alright so I've been sitting on this file for a few days. Willl I be able to flash this to my LE2117 on and relock bootloader and be back to stock? Or will my system still be corrupt if I relock? G just wait for a non pro msm tool?
    I'm not sure how you went about rooting it originally, but if you have only flashed boot.img and nothing else. Then yes that is how I would go about doing it on my phone, if I was wanting to go back to locked bootloader. I don't see any issue with doing that after you install the stock boot.img.
    So I took magisk and downloaded the global OP and took boot.img from that magisk patched it and installed it then unlocked so I had the backup of THAT boot, not the Tmo one. :poop:
    Yes That sucks but we all learn from are mistakes.. Fastboot Flash this stock boot.img and then either lock bootloader or if you want to have root? have magisk patch same stock boot.img and reinstall.

    P.s. I also have been able to update over ota by just restoring stock boot.img in magisk.
    Incase you wanted to keep rolling out with root. If you need help.i will try to make a step by step way I did it.