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T-Mobile Unlocked Bootloader

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Mar 2, 2017
Just unlocked. Don't even call just go through Twitter help.

Do you know if your unlocked oneplus 7 pro with t-mobile firmware has RCS features working? I converted to international firmware and sad rcs won't work anymore.

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do I need to do anything with the bin file? Am I supposed to open or convert it? Way easier to unlock Pixel or unlocked Oneplus, might just have to go that route

ANYONE HERE with unlocked sim can unlock bootloader with oem unlock command. That's after you convert to international firmware (there's a guide).. But beware rcs features are lost.

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    Is there an XDA Member of the year award for @porcelainedrose ?
    I'm not sure it's recommended to go about it like I did, but I talked to tmobile twitter support and just told them that I needed it unlocked so I could unlock the bootloader.

    They gave me the boilerplate refusal, I told them it's the reason I bought the phone, that I would make 2 EIP payments up front (I probably should have waited on making this offer, but they didn't have me do it), and that I had been a tmobile customer for so long.

    After that, she did a temporary unlock, and then I told her that didn't work and I still needed the permanent unlock. She put in the override for that and I was able to do the permanent unlock.

    Just saying, you don't always have to lie to get them to unlock it :)

    Good luck guys!!
    I'm a she. And yes, working my way slowly through them. Make sure you guys sent me your last name and phone number.
    Great to run into another girl on the forum! :) You don't know how many times I've been called "dude," "bro," "man," etc. It's funny :)

    I gotta give you props for helping everyone out like you're doing, too! I know it's much appreciated by everyone!
    Mine was too. He's probabaly got a ton of PMs just be patient.
    Lol, he probably got more PMs than a naked girl on Facebook that said she's lonely and listed all her personal info.
    porcelainedrose is legit. I got mine unlocked this way a few minutes ago.