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T-Mobile update

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Senior Member
May 21, 2010
I am hoping battery life regulates. I have had phone on charger all day. I am getting about 15% battery drain in 30minutes, sitting idle.
I have already factory reset my device, and will contact Tmo/Samsung this evening to see if there are known issues and what i can do help.

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    Doing it now.
    There are a few things i noticed from the April update i didnt like, lets see if any of them changed.. Ill report back!!
    That's not good at all.

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    So after a few days, of using phone as usual, it has regualted itself back to normal.
    Not sure what was hogging the battery for a couple days. But all is good now.
    Now, i did the same update for my wife 2 days ago, and she had no issues.
    So, maybe i caught a bad install.