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Sep 22, 2015
I'm just updating you guys here that I've been super backed up with requests. I'm doing my best to get them done. You will know I unlocked your device if you get a reply from me so don't send me multiple messages asking to unlock your phone.

Thank you for your patience!


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May 24, 2014
Thank you for unlocking my OP9 Pro!


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Aug 26, 2017
Hello! I am from the Dominican Republic, I bought my used one plus 8 and it is blocked by t-mobile, I do not have access to a T-Mobile sim card so I cannot be connected to the network for 3 days, is there any way of unlocked?

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    All unlock requests have been completed. Please keep sending them in!!
    Thank you mobbdeep for keeping this thread alive, you've helped me two times.
    Thank you for your service it worked
    All unlock requests have been completed. Please keep sending them in!!
    I have questions so if i am currently outside of US and no longer use tmobile sim. I cant unlock my OP8 right?
    Hello all, I have a quick question!

    When the FAQ states that you have to have the device activated on the network for 3 calendar days, does that mean if I got the device activated on the account yesterday then I should be eligible for this unlock tomorrow??

    Thanks for any help! :)
    Three full days. If you activated yesterday, today would be the first full day. Submit the request after the third full day is over, which would be Monday.
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    Hello XDA,

    I am back at it again with the free T-Mobile network unlocks. Yep, you heard that right... 100% FREE. This service will allow you to go into your Settings and perform a network unlock.


    At this time, I cannot unlock the Galaxy A32.

    Current turnaround time:
    ~1-3 days depending on how busy I am. Yes, I have a life outside of this.

    • Unlocking for T-Mobile OnePlus/Samsung/Google/LG/Moto US variants only.
    • Not eligible for MetroPCS, Sprint or other TMO subsidies.
    • Not eligible for Sprint users even though they merged.
    • Device must be on the network for AT LEAST 3 full calendar days.
    • Cannot be flashed to any international firmware.
    • Can be bought 3rd party but must be the T-Mobile variant and on the T-Mobile network.
    • If you meet the above requirements, PM the last name of the account holder and your phone number associated with said device.

    Important Information:
    • Please keep in mind I get a lot of PM's regarding this so you will get a reply when yours has been completed. Do not send multiple requests.
    • If you make any SIM card changes, you will have to wait at least 3 days for me to be able to unlock your device.
    • Your device does NOT have to be paid off.
    • There is no 100% guarantee this will work. There could be a possibility of an unlock ineligibility.
    • The device MUST be one purchased from T-Mobile or a 3rd party but the T-Mobile variant; NOT OnePlus/Samsung themselves or a different carrier.
    • I cannot unlock with just an IMEI number or prepaid phones.

    ERROR CODE = 255? See below..
    • Clear your network settings. Settings > System > Reset Options > Reset WiFi, Mobile, & Bluetooth.
    • Power cycle your device (turn it off and on).
    • Still doesn't work? PM me your phone number.
    • I may request you to simply direct message TMobileHelp on Twitter to whitelist your IMEI.

    Plenty of vouches here from my OP7 / OP8 unlocking..

    Feel free to donate below!

    CashApp: Given in PM by request.​
    I know you posted your threads to vouch but I will gladly give you a +1 here as well you helped me out in the past. If you ever are able to expand to Pixels I have a 4A 5G that I would love to unlock the bootloader on. Beyond that thanks for this awesome service you provide!

    Drop me a PM and I'll take a look on Thursday. I won't be doing unlocks tomorrow but I'll be knocking everything out then. I don't see why I can't do it. If I can, then I'll update the thread and add the Pixel in on it too.

    Ah nuts that's a nope for my Nord N10 5G on T-Mobile Metro... oh well I hope the drawer trick works in 6 months.

    Sorry about that!

    @mobbdeep I can't PM is it over already

    PM me now, sorry. The last time I logged in here, this forum was on a different layout and older forum software so settings were moved around.


    To those who were donating to request network unlocks while I stopped the service and you still need the unlock, PM me. I will be knocking the requests out starting Thursday.
    All requests have been completed. Keep sending them in. You guys have been keeping me busy!!
    I just wanted to post an update on the turnaround time right now. Due to the new OnePlus 9 & Samsung A series launching, the amount of requests I have gotten has doubled. I am doing my best to get them completed as quickly as possible. They should be all caught up tomorrow (4/9). Once your request is complete, you will get a response back from me.

    Thank you all for your patience and not sending me more than one unlock request.
    Please unlock my oneplus 8
    Last name ********

    You're supposed to PM me that information, not post it here publicly.