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Eric Violette

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Oct 17, 2014
Virginia Beach
Some quick pics, sorry for the lack of professional photos. The baggie with the little black piece in it is an extra usb cover.


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Aug 20, 2012
You must be rich lol

I just have a sickness. haha!

Lol, it's OK he isn't rich - if you look closely he saves money by buying mouse pads made of recycled tires :D

Just kidding - he's rich...so jealous I support buy selling my previous phones. This one will be partially funded by an M8.

Edit - @jayr04 Then again it looks like we spent all our money on our cars! I have a GS 350 F-Sport as well!
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Dec 5, 2011
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What bloatware from Tmo are we looking at, and can any of it not disable?

Can Be Disabled
T-Mobile My Account
T-Mobile Name ID
T-Mobile TV
T-Mobile Visual Voicemail
System Manager Notication

Cannot Be Disabled
Device Unlock
Mobile Hotspot
System Manager Toggle
System Manager Application

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    Long time lurker first time poster.

    Allow me to clear up how shipping works as there seems to be confusion. When T Mobile sends you those numbers they are generated from the T Mobile warehouse. The number wont have any info associated with it on the UPS side until it is physically at the UPS warehouse. So basically your phone is at Tmo warehouse ready to go. As soon as UPS scans it at their facility you will get your delivery estimates etc. I work for a company that does a lot of shipping. We have software that we use to get the packages ready for UPS and it sends tracking numbers to customers. The customers always complain to us that the numbers dont work. which they wont until we take the packages and the manifest to UPS. They scan it then the numbers go live as it where.

    Hope that clears it up. I think I was a little redundant but I am in a hurry.

    BTW. I did regular ground and I got my tracking number in a text ordered 11 am on the 15th. Tmo site still says back ordered for me. good luck fellas.
    Why no pics from anyone? Part of the excitement is the unboxing!

    Anyone want first impressions? No? Well you're going to get them anyway.

    As you guys can see from the pic I posted, I'm a phone nerd, have had a ton of them in the past few years. Ordered my Z2 from Clove the day it went on pre-sale in the UK and received it in mid May. Here are my thoughts.

    - The weight is better. The Z2 was pretty hefty, not in a bad way, but definitely on the heavier side. The Z3 feels a bit better in the hand, not too light, but not overly heavy either. It also feels very solid.

    - Build. I'm a bit surprised here but the build on the Z3 seems just a little bit better than the Z2. It's excellent. All of the seams are straight and even, there are no creaks or misalignment - anywhere. Very well crafted.

    - Screen is definitely brighter than the Z2 but also has a bit of a blue cast. I'm really glad they have built in white balance control. Otherwise, the screen is awesome.

    - I haven't put any music on yet, but I did make some test calls and the earpiece volume is great

    - T-Mobile bloatware isn't terribly bad at all. Most, if not all of it can be disabled, including Lookout security (I hate this app)

    - Shipping Firmware is the current firmware (23.0.D.1.1.123)

    - Camera doesn't refresh as often as the Z2, but it's not a dealbreaker. I was actually a bit worried about this.

    - Phone feels very snappy.

    - Bootloader is definitely locked and not unlockable. It's also SIM locked

    - The indicator on the Z2 was better. It's now a tiny circle in the corner.
    I tweeted about this to @ askdes, here's his response:


    askdes said:
    *usually that means it's being shipped within 24 hours & at the end of the day tracking numbers get uploaded
    I see you are a former Sprint customer like me, did you also just switch or in the process?

    I switched a long time ago and never looked back.

    ---------- Post added at 10:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:23 PM ----------

    yeah, these orders are part of a pre-sale with the chance of getting the phone before it's available in store. and your honestly surprised, being on the forum you are on, we are getting antsy on when we can expect to get our phones? thanks for your informational input. :good:

    Well here's some information..I order plenty of phones with T-Mobile and their process status and shipping status never changes. I've even gotten phones while the status stays the same.
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