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[T110 / T111][WIP] Linux for Tab 3 Lite, PostMarketOS or Debian

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    Status: 🟩Booting into the OS; 🟩Can telnet into init stage; 🟩 Can SSH to OS; 🟩 PostmarketOS Wiki;

    Getting started:
    Note: this will not wipe anything from your device. This doesn't contain any OS, just the pmOS init with stock Kernel. Read bellow to how install pmOS on MicroSD Card.

    Sources: https://github.com/T110-pmOS

    What's working:
    • 🟩Build kernel from source
    • 🟩Kernel is loaded and working
    • 🟩OS is booting
    • 🟩SSH acces to OS though USB
    • 🟩Touchscreen works
    • 🟩Battery level reads correctly
    • 🟩Mate and Wayland Demo
    • 🟩Repack stock kernel with pmOS initramfs
    • 🟩Load the pmOS on MicroSD card
    • 🟩Compile pmOS with and without UI
    • 🟩Mount and chroot pmOS manually using telnet
    • 🟩Telnet access during init
    • 🟩Read and mounts SDCard partitions correctly
    • 🟩Pass extracting initramfs-extra
    • 🟩Can read kernel logs through UART *
    What's not working:
    • 📛Boot the kernel from source
    • 📛HW Acceleration
    • 📛Boot-ing kernel build with pmbootstrap build
    • 📛Stuck at loading
    • 📛No ssh access
    • 📛Logs aren't written rc.conf
    • 📛Can't read kernel logs through UART *
    * UART Serial Debugging tested with 150Kohm, 530Kohm, 619Kohm ID to GND, 3.3V. RX/TX seem to work. See attached photos for adapter and Serial debugging:Cable schematics .

    USB Network (Telnet, SSH) from Windows 10: info in post #3.

    Alternatively to Telnet, SSH you can use a Linux machine, or to run some distribution (like Xubuntu) in VirtualBox and pass the USB SAMSUNG_Android [9999] to VirtualBox OS.

    Revert to stock:
    Start with OS from scratch:

    In order to install pmOS on SDCard:

    • Check pmOS "Installation guide"
    • After pmbootstrap init
    • Select as device Samsung -> lt023g
    • Follow guide to pmbootstrap install --sdcard=/dev/mmcblk
    I've made a tree for goyawifi also, but didn't uploaded it yet as I didn't manage to get it to work properly by compiling Kernel from source, it stuck at Samsung bootloader logo.

    Debian guide coming soon, as I've found this Medium post. I try to get it to work.

    As I've managed to boot pmOS, I don't think I'll try to run Debian, but you can try with pmOS and Debian on SDCard according to that Medium post. Should work.

    The boot-postmarketOS_s1_n12.zip contains boot.img with kernel config CONFIG_DEVTMPFS = Y that seems to boot OS as SSH is working. Get the last updated version with all configs from above.

    More info in post #3.


    Will be updating posts soon.

    It seems like this package has a LOT more than what ruben15prd has provided on GitHub (INCLUDING A GENERIC DEVICE TREE AND PROPER ALSALIB)! I'll upload as soon as I can.
    Great news! Managed to get it to boot.
    I've compiled the kernel with all the options asked by pmOS and it works!
    Updated zip with boot.img on OP.

    Oops, they are gone now :p
    Will push them on my own GitHub soon.