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T217S Replication

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New member
Oct 28, 2019
Hi all.
Please forgive me as I ask noob questions but here it is....
I run a nonprofit to get technology in front of very underserved kids, in many countries. As part of that, I build "computer labs in a box" utilizing android tablets and raspberry pi as servers.
So my current dilemma is, I am attempting to find a way to replicate dozens of Samsung T217S tablets I was able to purchase. I began by building a "gold standard" tablet and using TWRP/rooted made a full backup of system, boot, and data. Along with that a Titanium backup of the apps and system settings. On other tabs, I have used this was fine. But on the T217S I restored a few and the WiFi would not turn on. I only use WiFi on the devices I send out to the kids. I have rebuilt and redone a few times but every time I restore the TWRP backups I seem to lose the WiFi. So my thought was a full tar.md5 Odin restore.
It that the best path? I am looking for the fastest replication and preferably without having to boot, install apps and such. I thought I could do a full "this is my gold styandard" but not sure how to create the Odin flashable image and not sure if that is the best path. Yes, they are all the same version/model and yes I know they are dated but the price is in line with a nonprofit budget.
Thank you for any insight.
This is for CTRL ALT DEL Poverty if anyone is interested.