T95H Allwinnner H616 2GB - 32GB firmware (SOLVED)

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Nov 23, 2022
Ola por favor seria possível disponibilizar está rom pra mim , já pesquisei muito na internet e não estou conseguindo achar essa rom...por favor

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    After installing Magisk i needed BusyBox. (I was trying to install "V4FXHiF".) It rebooted.... but after 10Min the boot logo was still the only thing showing.
    I tried to reset the device with the push of the hidden reset button and connecting the power. Still nothing.
    Now i need the original firmware to flash de device. I looked everywhere but found nothing.
    Is there anyone that can help me unbrick the device by sharing there firmware with me.


    Thank you for your time and efforts.
    After a big search I found a website that had a overview of all manufactures that makes a TV Box.
    URL site: https://androidtvnews.com/android-tv-box-firmware/
    I found that my device (TH95H) was manufactured by WE-CHIP.
    I downloaded this image (firmware). "T95 DUAL WIFI"

    I looked at the description of the file. This was the best match with my device.
    Flashed the firmware and beside the different UI everything works fine. For a different launcher, I forced stopped the default launcher. When I used the return button on my remote it asked what to use as a default launcher. That seems to do the trick.
    Friend, can you help me with the link, I can't find it and I have the same problem, thanks