tab s5e, does anyone have it except me?!

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May 3, 2010
yeah I just recieved my Tab S5e yesterday, I got the wifi one with 128gb, so I could get the 6gb of ram...... when I was setting it up, I had it completely lock up and would do nothing, so I had to hold power button and both volume up and down, then finally it shut off and rebooted and has been fine since. but I had the S3 tab before this one is really nice.
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Jan 7, 2013
I had mine for 2 weeks and all I can say it's a great device. Got the 64g WiFi version. Screen and sound are amazing. Shame Netflix doesn't play in 1080. It might change with future updates. Looking to tweak the system but unfortunately there is not much information yet.


Aug 18, 2019
arrived yesterday. I thought about taking the Xiaomi pad 4 plus. But I wanted good sound. The better display is an additional bonus. I hope some developers will keep an eye on it, too.


Dec 4, 2016
Sure! I have the : sm-t725... But since there's little development online with some customized stuff for this tablet. (Nothing I have seen yet anyway...) Therefore I've decided it's best to keep the stock factory ROM at this moment. There's no improvements changing to any of those alternatives I've seen so far for me and my use... Thats my amateur teck geek meaning anyway.

Those experts who have better skills and know more than me about coding and how they setup good ROM's properly don't agree with me,

Those things you'll need to have a rooted device too do I whould rather be using my old Sm-t555 at this moment so I don't end up ****ing up my new tablet while there ain't easy finding help to fix any problems you may run into. People havent had the chance too explore this tablet at this time, but I'm hoping at some later time people will post things they're experiencing while they play with these tablets (Galaxy Tab 5E) and that somebody will release some cool custom ROM's.

I hope this model's not ending up like my other tablet (Sm-t555 - Galaxy Tab A 9,7")
There they never released any actually good ROM's too choose for that model, probably because there wasn't many people using that model. (No one who had interesting in custom ROM's and development anyways) There was many other, better and more popular tablets they prioritized and when they released the new model of the Galaxy A 10,1" (sm-t280 i think) then the 555model I used whas forgotten by everyone so it was just as well too keep to the factory stook ROM Samsung had for my tablet (with the latest updates offcourse)

I hope that won't be the story for my new tablet (the 5e) too!!

I hope all people reading this will help me to show the people developing stuff that there's an interest for stuff for the Galaxy Tab s5e and give them a reason too develope and release cool stuff for us that owns this model ?????

Until then I'll stay orginal factory setup??

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- Tom

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    @Moderators can we please have a sub forum :)
    I bought this device 10 days ago. Ok, I know it just started appearing in shops. But, no forum, no reviews nothing...
    I am interested of course to debloat it, to install twrp, usual things...
    Also, if someone wants to hear real life impressions about device, I am here!
    I know it is totally off topic but really couldn't find better place to post this...
    I pack it up in case you have problem with download link
    I have the tab s4, but seeing the size and weight of the s5e really made me think that it would be a better fit for me. I ended up preordering it just to see how it compared to the s4. The form factor is amazing. I never used the s pen so that wasn't a loss for me. I also have accepted the headphone jack removal and am fine with using my galaxy buds or a USB c adapter. Having a fingerprint sensor for apps is so much better than the iris scanner in the s4. I tried opening up apps on both tablets at the same time and the s4 was slightly faster, but without a direct comparison, this is not something I feel like would be noticeable in everyday usage. As for gaming, I only tested a few games that are not very demanding and did not had any issues.

    It's been said before, but it really comes down to your needs and preferences. If you do not need a headphone Jack, the s pen, or play very resource demanding games, I would totally recommend the s5e. I loved the s4, but it's just so nice holding a thin, light tablet while reading, watching movies, etc. And having call continuity between the s5e and s10+ is also extremely convenient (still no idea why this was not added to the s4 with the pie update and was a big reason I started looking at the s5e)

    I am likely going to be selling my s4.
    Guys, the wifi IS an issue. Due to many factors such as router, WiFi interference, tolerance and frequencies some tablets are going to be better than others.
    Still wether or not you can block the signal using your hand there is something which is consistent, poor connection and speed compared to other devices. I don't own any snap 670 device so I can't test it properly, but I tried an oppo with a snap 660. It had better speed and better strength. Also my old Tab S 8.4 is way faster and has better connection.
    This is a design fault, there aren't other words to describe it. Is not a cheap Chinese (with all the respect) model off some weird shop, is a top brand tablet which is not supposed to have such connection. Even my Google home mini has better connection than this tablet.
    As I stated, there should be a 2x2 connection, it should go above 600mbps in good condition, and this thing won't.