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Tablet causing Verizon router to reboot.

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Senior Member
Jul 24, 2010
Samsung Galaxy Note 20
Just curious if anyone else has experienced their tablet causing their router to reboot. Ever since the update to MM if I have my SGp612 connect through wifi to my Verizon (now frontier) router it will cause it to reboot.

It doesn't happen immediately but after a while of using it the router will reboot. If I turn wifi off on the tablet or have it connect through wifi to one of my Apple airport devices (which I setup on a different SSID than the Verizon router) the router will never reboot. Only once I reconnect to the tablet to the Verizon router will it reboot after some use.

The Verizon router is an actiontec with the following info.

Firmware Version:40.21.18
Model Name:MI424WR-GEN3I
Hardware Version:I

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