Tag Heuer Connected 2020 GWD

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Aug 16, 2022

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    Hi all :)

    I wanted to replicate the watch face design from the Tag Heuer Connected v.3, which I like quite a lot.
    Mostly of the work is done in Photoshop, then elements assembled in Galaxy Watch Design 2.0 and I believe older versions may have some compatibility issues to open the GWD file.

    NOTE: I can't figure out how to upload the GWD file within the forum. If someone can tell me how it would be really appreciated

    Work in progress...


    Final result:

    When you save the prpject, a GWD file is generated which is located in the location where you specified your workspace to be (most commonly under Documents/Galaxy Watch Studio/Workspace) I can't confirm coz I'm afk... Pick the .GWD file and upload it
    A very great Job. Looks very good. Please upload the GWD
    seem very hard to find good looking sharp connected GWD files. if anyone can share will be much appreciated. not really fan for watchmaker as noticed typically watchmaker designer watch face does not have sharp image on GW3
    On my watch's watchmaker app, graphics quality was set to Medium by default, changing it to High worked for me - hope this helps!