Takee 1 (Full Review) 3D Holographic Phone (Cheaper 2015 version with Play Store)

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    Just got the Takee 1 today and want to share my full unboxing & first impressions about this phone.
    This is a new cheaper version of the last year released Takee 1. This version comes without any earphones and a more discreet packaging. For me it is okay, as the phone and hardware is the same, but the price is so much better.

    This version includes working Google Play Store out of the box! but it was missing Holo Space and 3D Films/Games etc. but I was able to install these things afterwards, so everything is fine! I believe it is called an EU version as the phone didn't include chinese apps and the ROM is pretty stock!

    The original introduction price of this phone was about 6-700 USD last year, but this one here is like more than 5 times cheaper! For that price it is worth it IMO, because the hardware & build quality is very good. Only on the software side it is still stuck with JB and there will likely not be any Lollipop in the near future. But I actually did get one OTA update on the phone from 10 septebmer 2015 so they do still update it.

    Unboxing & First look at the Takee 1 the world’s first 3D holographic smartphone that uses 3D display technology without the need for glasses
    PS. I know I by mistake say that it comes with KK but it is in fact JB.

    Takee 1 (Air Touch Test in Games)

    Full In-Depth Review

    Awarded iF Design Award 2015 and CES Innovation Award 2015.

    Updated 01-11-2015 - Stock ROM / ROOT / TWRP / Stock 3D Clips here:
    Read info here:
    Thanks to pogodancer

    Firmware 20151010 from stas30

    How to enter the Recovery read more here: (thanks mirandam)

    Can be rooted very easily with iRoot, already tested it!

    Here a backup of my ROM that includes root & holo apps. Make a complete backup of your own ROM first!

    Want HOLO SPACE and HOLO GAMES? check on my blog for the APKs

    - 5.5 inch screen, 1920x1080 pixel
    - MT6592T 2.0 GHz Octa Core
    - 2 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM
    - 13MP main camera + 5MP front camera
    - Android 4.2.2 OS
    - 2500mAh Lithium-polymer battery
    - Unique Holographic Display Screen
    - Supports Dual SIM Card
    - Google Play Store
    - Air Touch
    - Revolutionized eye tracking technology
    - Audio 3D sound headphone technology
    - Network: GSM 900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA 900/1900/2100MHz
    - Supports 2G & 3G Network
    Xposed Framework

    Hello friends,

    after playing around with my Takee 1 I am satisfied with this cheap smartphone I bought from GearBest. The allover performance is not the best compared to other octacore devices but nevertheless it can be used comfortable. And the 3D-playback function is amazing. Unfortunately the possibility of changing settings in the 3D-video app are not satisfying.

    After lots of tests and the hint of Skalofrio1293 I was able to install XposedFramework to make the JellyBean device much more comfortable and nicer.

    1. To cut a long story short I collected the firmwares dated 2015-09-10 for each of you. I made a very big download package of 2.3GB including:

    - Stockrom unrooted
    - Stockrom rooted
    - Stockrom prepared for XposedFramework
    - TWRP custom recovery
    - 3D-movies and pictures from stock
    - files for reactiving the 3D-effect for people who have lost it

    You can find everything here: Takee-1_2015-09-10_151026-204849_AiO-pogo

    You can read my attached ReadMe.pdf for further informations.

    2. @ s7yler
    Please add the download link to your post #1. Thanks.

    Let's dance.
    Lets find a developer to port Android 6 (Marshmellow)

    Lets find a developer to port Android 6 (Marshmellow). Someone with an indisputable track record of sucess and good reputation. Then raise a fund among TAKEE owners to pay the developer. The payment must be on schedule delivery of a fully functional firmware.
    What do you think of this proposal?
    Succeeded to fix GPS problem!

    Read some articles, and thats the way I done it.

    Opened this: app.box.com/s/w57s1v1n3hie7l5lk28i/2/1033932257
    Downloaded file "gps.conf" for my country. Placed it to the /system/etc. (need root to replace existing system file). Run GPS TEST app. Entered to settings, pressed Clear AGPS. Then UPDATE AGPS. Closed GPS TEST app.
    Entered ENGINEER MODE. Then moved to LOCATION section. Entered LOCATION BASED SERVICE. Pressed EPO download button. After 3 minutes entered AGPS tab, pressed LOAD PROFILE. Then entered YGPS section. Made GPS TEST - 5 times with 1 sec interval. Entered SATELLITES tab - red dots (satellites) appeared. Then entered INFORMATION tab. Pressed FULL button, after abou 2 min status changed and information (about date, time, latitude and longitude etc) appeared. The same way with WARM, HOT and COLD buttons. After all pressed AGPS RESTART button. Then entered NMEA LOG tab. Pressed start button. Then entered SATELLITES tab - waited untill red dots became green. Then returned to NMEA LOG tab, pressed stop button - new atlas saved to the phone. Exited ENGINEER MODE. Run NAVITEL app. And voilà - abot 10 satellites are connected!

    I dont know what exactly helped to fix it, but I'm glad I made it work. And I hope that it will help somebody else.
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    1. Too optimistic.
    2. The built quality of my device is mediocre only because the hardware buttons (volume rockers and power button) are not very solid. They should fit a bit stronger.
    3. That review is just a repetition of existing reviews. Nothing that we didn't know before. IMHO s7yler's review is much more helpful.
    4. Nevertheless thanks for the time you took.

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    Hello to all,

    I guess stas30 was right when saying that the last two firmware updates work. I checked it again (just a few minutes) and I can confirm that 3D, camera and making phone calls is working with the firmwares dated 2015-10-10 and 2015-11-09.

    For this reason and to complete the firmware collection I modified both firmwares with root privileges, some minor changes and deodexed applications to make the xPosed Framework working. Like I said before I only did short tests - it's your job now to check what's working or not. But never forget to do a factory reset after having flashed a new rom !!!

    If you like you can download the modified firmwares here:



    L@zz d@nce.

    p.s.: I personally went back to the firmware dated 2015-09-10 because I think the 3D effect is working best here. Maybe it's just a placebo or the cameras for scanning our eyes are working better. What do you think :confused:

    @ s7ler
    Please add both links to the OP. Thanks.