taktiK 4.4.2 - Release 2 Available

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May 18, 2009
*no longer supported*

Welcome to taktiK


Release 1 - Stable

Release 2 - Experimental causes breakages in audio and camera


Kernel source:
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Mar 7, 2008
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Trainwreck taktiK 4.4 solorun

Hope it's ok to post logcat and some observations here.
Running stock kernel with rom, 12.69a 60.29U_26.17.14.11M , no changes to CPU settings smartassv2,
inspire4g at&t, 4ext recovery, data is turned off testing on pay as you go sim.

1) First thing to pop-up, Unfortunately, the process android.process.media has stopped. Temp Solution: turned off "Media Storage" in your Apps list
2) You tube loaded after app restarted but will not play just makes popping sound.
3) No ringtone sound, tried making and assigning through setting wouldn't take. Temp solution turned on vibrate "very strong" !
4) Hangouts works flawlessly one of the first things I always use.
5) None of the Media players would load albums, guess due to media storage, not sure though ?
6) Voice recognition works for google search bar, however loads to black screen due to default browser issue.
7) Playstore works after restart in settings, tried permissions fix to see if it would work from recovery didn't work.
8) Maps worked right out of the gate, but graphical glitch/flashing while navigating,and attempting to use settings proved problematic,menu would appear over the map as a blank square or full menu would show up and disappear.
9) Connecting USB didn't work for me, used wifi explorer to transfer files for logcat. It kept unmounting SD and computer won't recognize.

Great work, and I hope my speel in some way is useful :) .


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Nov 1, 2012
Amazing! Thank you,Randomblame! You are a hero! I hope now to see update on update!:thumbup:
Very well done! Great!

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