taktiK 4.4.2 - Release 2 Available

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May 4, 2008
If there is one thing I'm hoping for to be fixed it is the errors one get when scrolling.

Just received a rather long mail and unable to read it on my phone with K9 mail app. Get the error every time I'm about halfway through the mail.

I also get this is many other apps. Other than this I'm very happy with thus ROM.


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Jul 25, 2013
Hi Guys, I was using the UNOFFICIAL CM11.0 Kitkat Nightlies which is pretty much the same like this tiktak version of android 4.4. This one is a bit smoother and i really like it. But I miss the option, I dont know the exact name, but it is somethink like device settings, something like tweaks which allows me to choose between 4 or 5 rows on my main screen, and a few other options. I hope you know what I mean. Is there a chance to integrate that to this ROM?


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Nov 23, 2011
MMS Problems?

Anyone having MMS problems try this:


Worked for me using Jellytime R11, and apparently also works for CM11

I had random problem where MMS just stopped working, tried many things and this is what worked for me.
Its probably slightly off topic, but if it helps just 1 person that has suffered the same MMS torment as I, then .....:D

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    *no longer supported*

    Welcome to taktiK


    Release 1 - Stable

    Release 2 - Experimental causes breakages in audio and camera


    Kernel source:
    I'm alive still just sat down at the computer today for the first time since getting sick - still fighting the pneumonia the antibiotics haven't done their job but I am slowly getting better either that or used to it. Pulled in some of paulb-nl and musta's changes to enable ion and I'm going to play with that tonight. I'm having problems syncing I may need to pull down a whole new repository this hard drive is acting like there is corruption.

    *confirmed enabling ion fixes black boxes. browser gmail etc working still need to sync to 4.4.2 and fix some things

    *tracked down file corruption to my manifests.git and got it fixed now I'm building 4.4.2
    went to the doctors again yesterday and took care of myself a bit, trying to get some work done today might get a build out tonight :)
    well todays build:

    enables selinux in permissive mode
    has working listview animations
    new battery icons from upstream
    but breaks video playback and adds a visual glitch in recents menu so It's not R2 material :) Progress is being made at least
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