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Tapjoy Seems to Detect Root?

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New member
Sep 18, 2021
I have 2 phones (same model) one rooted and the other one isn't. I have the same game installed on both phones, but when I open tapjoy on the rooted phone no offers for downloading apps or app actions appear, but on my non-rooted phone they do... So I really believe that tapjoy is somehow detecting root (I did magisk hide and safetynet pass).

All though I'm pretty sure tapjoy isdetecting root I did notice one weird thing on my rooted phone, when I search for "Alarmy" on Google Play it doesn't show up, but on my non-rooted phone it shows up in the play store (again same phone model and same android version! Android 11), this fact makes me uncertain if tapjoy is detecting root or not.

Does anyone know a solution or know what's going on?


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Jul 11, 2009
European Union
Whether a phone's Android got rooted ( tampered in whatever way ) or not can easily be detected by any app.

People shouldn't believe that app developers aren't smart enough to detect it: they simply have to look inside vbmeta files and check for content of 2 bytes on fixed address.
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