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Tasker profile help for a newbie

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Jun 10, 2018
Hi guys! I am new to tasker and trying to setup some profiles that needs some help finishing, plz help me with this:

1. I am creating to launch an app from clicking a widget and i achieved it, but the problem is when i click that widget it launches default application for that widget, hence both apps are launched. I want to replace the default action with my custom action.(I tried killing the default app without and with root permission, without root permission the problem was same, with root permission the app and its widget wasn't functioning further, plz suggest any help.

2. So i read many articles on web to locate phone but none of them use google maps live location feature, please suggest any way of using the live location feature or a valid replacement.

3. Next i am creating a profile to answer call when i take proximity sensor close to me, but the error in this is calls might be answered in pocket mode, plz suggest any way to detect pocket mode. Also i am trying to extend its functionality by activating loud speaker when i distance the phone and deactivate loud speaker when i bring the phone closer to my ear, plz help me with this.

Thanks for your patience in reading all these and thanks for your help.


Feb 9, 2017
Proximity problem

Maybe add Display on as condition? Or phone unlocked? Would make a good pocket detection.
So, basically you need two profiles:
One would be this:
Profile: Proximity Status (70)
State: Proximity Sensor
Enter: Proximity on (71)
A1: Variable Set [ Name:%Proximity To:1 Recurse Variables:eek:ff Do Maths:eek:ff Append:eek:ff ]

Exit: Proximity off (72)
A1: Variable Set [ Name:%Proximity To:0 Recurse Variables:eek:ff Do Maths:eek:ff Append:eek:ff ]

And one would be with an Incoming call, a turned on display and an unlocked phone as condition. As task you would chose take call if %Proximity ~ 1. That should do the trick. You can obviously change the name of %Proximity in the tasks to whatever you like, I just quickly created an example to show you what I meant. What system version are you on? Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie? Taking the call might be tricky, though, if you're not on Oreo or above.
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