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Tasker sleep profile - vibrating

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Nov 28, 2006
I am trying to set up a profile for sleeping where my volume is off and no vibrate. I have it set up to trigger when I plug it in for charging and that works fine, but the action is evading me.

If I use dnd then when it "wakes up" (turns off dnd in the exit side) it plays my current notification sound which wakes up my wife.

If I try to set volume to 0 I still cannot turn off vibrate.

My phone (s8+) has a "sound mode" with sound/vibrate/mute but I can't find the corresponding tasker action to set this.

My desire is to have both ringer volume and notification volume 0 with no vibration. I don't want any sound or beep or vibration to happen when I end this profile. (If something causes a notification at that moment I understand that it will beep - what I am trying to avoid is the beep which is generated automatically exiting from the profile).