How To Guide [TB-J706F] [ROM] ZUI 12.6 Offline easy install

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Jan 1, 2022
The guide is for a different model. With the J706F there is no value at this port.
Our model is same at this point

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    Hello TB-J706F (aka XiaoXin Pad Pro) users !
    Latest ZUI ROM cannot be found in the file repositories and on the Lenovo support site. However, you can download the initial version of ZUI for our tablet and update to the latest ZUI 12.6, getting 4 updates. However, in fact, we only need two of them. I kindly saved them for you and included in my superpack along with the necessary software.
    Second link:
    The archive contains all necessary soft:
    Adb & fastboot, lenovo USB drivers, flasher QPRST and detailed instructions (English) in pictures how to install QPRST and flash the initial ZUI - All-in-One. There are two updates in the folder OTA: - updates ZUI to v. 12.5 (first A 11 version); - updates ZUI 12.5 to 12.6 latest at this moment.
    ZUI first ROM can be downloaded from here: -
    Attention !!! The first thing you must do is to make sure that your parameter in NV item 6858 is 01 or 00, otherwise the ZUI A11 will not boot (A10 can). How to do this, look guide: That guide advises also change country code, I have CN (China), it can be changed after first ZUI flashing, code ####6030# in Settings -- Search bar on top.
    === Manual ===
    1. According to the pdf guide, flash the downloaded ZUI ROM. Boot, minimal offline initial settings, and you can see Desktop screen. If you need change region code to CN - go to Settings, insert ####6030#, маке choise from one point CN or PRC (People Republic China). This will reboot and clear the user's data (factory reset). Now you need to go to settings, become a developer, enable USB debugging. Also you need set right data (day, month and year).
    2. On PC: unpack Adb Tools in folder, place & inside adb tools folder. Run the Command Prompt, check connect to device and command the tablet:
    adb reboot recovery
    In tablet's recovery select Apply update from ADB and on PC run command adb sideload Wait for update process completion, then reboot into the system, patiently wait for the booting to complete. Now you have ZUI 12.5 on tablet.
    3. Repeat the previous step using - adb sideload Wait for completion, then reboot into the system.
    Now you have latest ZUI 12.6 !

    The ZUI looks much prettier, more comfortable and sleeker than the poor global firmware, and has more features.
    P.S. The video shows the firmware process of changing NV item 6858 in the hex editor to install the ZUI, only for the younger version of the tablet. The process is the same for the P11 Pro.

    Congrats! You are great!(y):)
    Thank you for this!
    May I request for the update files? The link you provided is not working. Thanks!
    Hi ! Checked it moment ago, link working:

    Finally! Thank you!

    can i flash from row to zui 12.6?
    Yes! Just follow the tutorial