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TB-X505F Which Treble GSI to choose?

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Feb 8, 2013
Hi there,

i'm thinking about to flash a GSI on my x505f. Which image of a GSI do i have to choose?
The "Treble Check" app says the tablet has a-only partion, but "Treble Info" app claims the partionscheme is a/b. "Treble Support Check" app says a-only too.
"getprop ro.build.ab_update" and "getprop ro.boot.slot_suffix" returns nothing, so i guess it is a-only?

Addition question: is it necessary to use twrp to flash the gsi, or can i simply "fastboot flash system <myimage>"?


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Feb 8, 2013
Just for the record, i managed to boot some Android 10 and 11 GSIs.
Here are the steps:
- Assuming that the bootloader is already unlocked
- Download and uncompress an arm64 a/b gsi. I successfully booted phh-aosp (10 and 11) and lir-lineage (11). Copy it to the tablet.
- Download this zip: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...ncrypt-disk-quota-disabler-11-2-2020.3817389/
- Rename that zip to "Disable_Dm-Verity_enfec.zip" (this is the most important step!)
- Install TWRP and Magisk from https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...ial-twrp-3-5-x-for-lenovo-tab-m10-hd.4211221/
- Boot to TWRP
- Flash the gsi as system image
- Flash Disable_Dm-Verity_enfec.zip
- Format data (not the simple wipe!)
- After that the tablet should boot up fine

However, when the tablet is up and running there will be no navbar...
For Lineage you can do this: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/unofficial-lineageos-r-mod-lir.4237683/post-84670345 (thx to @Heeni)
For AOSP you can go to settings and enable gesture controls, however only swiping from the bottom will work. Swiping from left/right does nothing which means you can't go back. The above workaround doesn't work on aosp. Maybe i figure this out in future.

Switching between GSIs:
- Reboot to TWRP
- Flash new GSI (no need to flash Disable_Dm-Verity_enfec.zip again)
- Format data again
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