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May 24, 2022
please which one tell me that i should install which working good

i update from this V8-R51MTO2-LF1V272.020169 to this V8-R51MTO5-LF1V427.020524
I personally use the Google TV V8-R51MT05-LF1V481.020701 in the TCL 50C725 and it works fine for me.
Update from V8-R51MT02-LF1V272.020169 to V8-R51MT05-LF1V427.020524 only via .img file
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Aug 9, 2022
Hi short summary I updated the firmware on my X925K originally V129 to V143. After update, Dolby Vision too dark (blur) No Dolby Atmos on Netflix. Tried all settings, all resets, no improvement.Finally, I went back to the V129 and everything works.

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    Try to reflash firmware.
    No special method to display,anyway Netflix will work.
    You have also V272 and V309 IMG file...
    Thanks for help @stasiof & @Rajsko .... After update ESN was removed... Then using service menu i reset the device and done shop reset. After restart and initial setup, same ESN was restored by device itself.
    Hi, this is not for C725 ?
    Any OTA after Gtv 496 ?
    no. This is for C728. Install the V496 via img file.

    EDIT #01: I just installed V496 on my TV and I'm stuck on TCL registration after a quick boot. It also happened when I installed the V488.
    I'm going back to previous Firmware.

    EDIT #02: I installed V482 [V435 img + V482 OTA via local USB] and TV is again working.

    As I read on Telegram, some net TVs don't support newer firmwares. I should check again the Product ID (or whatever it is called). Some were speaking about panels built in 2021. I'll update this reply as soon as I can.
    Hello good evening. I have a TCL P725. I can't get it to work normally with any version. I tried versions v477, v481, v488, v496, they all have the same problem, when Dolby Vision is activated it starts to automatically raise and lower the brightness, super annoying. I went back to v418, but objects or people have an aura around them, like a phantom specter around people or objects. Can someone tell me if there is a stable version without these problems or any solution? Please
    Hi u have any idea/solution for me,..please?
    I already posted you, to try V482.
    Read description to flash proper (older) IMG file first ,as update from newer version is getting black screen.
    To know more, type V482 in search for this thread....
    if i want to go to android tv from google which img i should flash. i want to go to V8-R51MT02. please let me know thanks. i am on V8-R51MT05 v496
    Flash any R51MT02 IMG file....
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    New TCL R51MT05 Google TV Update available in V477
    R51MT05 Platform ..... P635/638 & P735 & C635.........(P725 & C725).

    V477 OTA

    Build date= Jun 10 2022 1654862152
    gmsversion= Android_11_GTVs
    build.fingerprint= TCL/G03_4K_GB/BeyondTV4:11/RP1A.200622.001/AR04:user/release-keys
    OTA size= 1.57GB
    R51MT02 Android TV Update available in V315.
    R51MT02 Platform (P725 & C725)

    V315 OTA

    build date=Jul 01 2022
    revision build=020654
    OTA size=1.45GB
    (43/50/55/65/75") P725...LED

    (50/55/65/75") C725...QLED

    (65/75") X925...MiniLED

    RT51M Platform (Realtek RTD2851M)
    Android R (11) Android TV UI + TCL TV UI
    CPU 64-bit A55×4 1.3GHz
    GPU G31x2 800MHz
    RAM 2GB DDR3-1866
    ROM 16GB: eMMC5.0

    (55/65/75") C728...QLED

    (55/65") C825...MiniLED

    MT9615 Platform (MediaTek MT9615 aka MT5889)
    Android R (11) Android TV UI + TCL TV UI
    CPU Cortex A-73x4 1.6GHz (max)
    GPU G52(2EE)MP2, 550Mhz
    RAM 3GB DDR4-2666
    ROM 32GB :eMMC5.0

    New TCL R51MT05 Google TV Update available in V427
    R51MT05 Platform (P725 & C725).......

    V427 IMG file (Google TV)

    IMG date= Jan 26 2022
    security_patch= 2022-01-05
    gmsversion= Android_11_GTVs
    revision= 020524
    IMG size= 3.13GB

    Official IMG from TCL Brazil.
    New TCL R51MT05 Google TV Update available in V435
    Platform (P725 & C725).......

    V435 IMG file (Google TV)

    IMG date= Feb 17 2022
    security_patch= 2022-01-05
    gmsversion= Android_11_GTVs
    revision= 020548
    IMG size= 3.14GB