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Sep 26, 2022
I have upgraded my P8M to V715 (Android TV 11)
Android 11 locks the ../Android/data/ and ../Android/obb/ folders
That creates problems when Copying, Moving, and/or Editing files within them
Or with some Apps that save files inside ../data, for example Opera, now it doesn't save downloads in ../Downloads, and those downloads can't be accessed, nor moved to another directory.
Another app is Kodi, when you want to edit your settings, etc.
On smartphones, with Android 11 or higher, there are several file managers that allow access to them and make modifications
None of the ones I've tested work on Android TV 11.
Anyone know any method?

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You got any solution for this buddy ?


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Oct 9, 2013
Hello Sir,
Actually my model is 40S6500. but I had the motherboard replaced by the dealer here.
My firmware starts same v8-t221t01
I tried to flash S6500 firmware but failed
can you please tell me how can I know the current model number of that motherboard, can you upload an updated firmware
Proper thread...
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Sep 29, 2022
Good day,I have the firmware tcl 715 v715 and when I try to play 4k hdr10 the automatic screen adjustment changes and the image is stretched,when I try to change it to see in original 16.9 the image starts to flicker and I have to remove the video...all this with the native player and by apps like netflix and ect there is no problem...some solution
English is not my natural language, I apologize.

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Sep 16, 2020
I tested V715 on C715 and what i noticed is tv system working little bit slower compared V662, on Game Mode V715 have better response time , lower input lag than V662.
Oct 1, 2022

Gamlı Baykuş

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Dec 6, 2015
Hello i have an 55p8m model and my current software is v8-r851t02-lf1v650.019105.
i have tried to update V8-R851T02-LF1V715 version.
i just downloaded it and transferred my fat32 usb stick.
But when i tried to update software, tv said theres no update file try it again.

what's wrong with my tv?


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Oct 9, 2013


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Jul 21, 2016
How can I prevent the Android TV launcher from switchting to the new Google TV inspired UI? When I uninstall updates and delete data for the app and disable auto-updates in the Play Store, I have the old less intrusive ui but after a few minutes it will change to the new UI anways so this must be some kind of server side update. Any way to prevent this?


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Dec 28, 2010
Just wanted to say: THANK YOU. Just stumbled upon this thread and was able to Update my TCL TV from Android 9 to Android 11. :love:

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    Hello I'm new here and need help please, I'm sorry if someone asked before. This is my TCL TV and I need the update please 🙏
    Thank you in advance
    As posted in other threat...
    You have V645 .....ATV 9.
    Latest is V715 OTA or V718 IMG....ATV 11.
    Latest is V660 OTA or V662 IMG....ATV 9.

    All versions you can found here in this threat....

    Usefull thread.....
    Just Downloaded .. Installing it now as i type this msg... will update with my findings soon... :)
    Sadly the "HDMI-CEC Power On" bug still remains on v718 ... It's worse now getting a "Black Screen" flickering when turning "On/Off" the Sony Soundbar (HDMI1-ARC) while watching Amazon Prime on my Shield (HDMI2).. Which didn't happen when on v662 .. :-(
    This is what I get on my C715 with v715 on Amazon Prime and the Lord of the Rings show. Checking picture settings, definitely no DV Bright or Dark, just the standard options.
    I've reinstalled Amazon Prime via Google Play, but haven't fullfill deleted from TV and reinstalled from scratch (is a baked in app)

    Dolby Vision appears in the menu, so I use the V715 version. I don't see why you don't have it in the offer. Maybe it depends on what country you live in, I live in France, maybe some countries don't have access to DV yet, but I'm just guessing, I don't know.

    PS :
    If your movie starts in HDR10+ format, I wouldn't bother with it. HDR10+ and Dolby Vision are the same (dynamic metadata) with the only difference being that Dolby Vision is capable of 12-bit colors.

    I've just installed and configured the latest version V718 on my 50C715. I previously used V645. I have a couple of points to raise regarding this release:

    - This is the first version I was able to hear DTS audio from my Sonos Beam, but only via internal player (streaming from Jellyfin server). There's even a logo displayed shortly on the screen. Unfortunately it crashes a lot, so no good movie experience there.
    - My BT remote RC802V is unable to pair (no response after pushing HOME+OK) - it worked in V645 just fine. When used as a IR remote it repeats clicks like crazy.
    - Internal video player crashes the system. It really depends on the used source. Not sure if anyone has similar issues with this release. I saw rebooting twice during my 1h testing session.
    - This is not specific to this version, but any 3rd party player like VLC, Exo, Nova etc. can't pass-through audio stream. On this version it's basically downmixing everything to stereo regardless of what audio format is used (DD+5.1 arrives at Sonos, but this is really ****ty stereo downmix).

    If you have any idea how to solve any of the above issues let me/us know. :)
    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, "Dolby Digital +" only works on wider band HDMI ARC. Toslink works, of course, but limited to plain vanilla "Dolby Digital".

    I've found this thread, which describe exactly my problem. Unfortunately it shows no solution without breaking completely HDMI-CEC (and as consequence HDMI-ARC).

    I have the same issue with my setup (TCL C815, Sony HG700) when using A11 (v701, v715, R815) .. So i reverted back to A9 v662 and i have no issues with Auto-On .. now I can switch on the Surround when I want to :) ..
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    Date of publication/uploaded : 16.06.2021
    Check URL file size : 1.385 Gb
    Compilation date : 11/06/2021

    [Download link]

    [Change log] :
    1. enhance stability
    2. optimised experience
    3. fixed some audio formats crash
    4. security package update (gDLL)
    5. optimisation
    DVB-S2 for SAT ( card

    build date= Jun 19 2021
    build= 1624032310
    security_patch= 2021-01-05
    gmsversion= Android_9_Pie
    file size= 1.38GB
    I have a 75c815k (uk) and have just updated to V715 android 11 software, I was previously on V645 the current official TCL European software and had spent many many hours tweaking the settings to get what I consider the best picture quality to suit my taste and eye. My son has an LG 77" c1 oled which cost him roughly 4 times more than my TCL and whilst my picture is not quite up to his with my settings I think it comes very close and thought I would share them if anyone wants to try them. I like quite a vibrant picture so have used the standard mode with the following settings for SDR ( in movie mode the same settings give a slightly softer look)
    Brightness/backlight 45,
    Contrast 90,
    Black level 40,
    Dynamic contrast off, black stretch off, brightness+ on, local dimming low, gamma 0
    Colour 48, tint 50, dynamic colour on, colour temp -1
    Sharpness 50, digital noise and noise reduction off
    Gradation clear (not on V645) low
    Motion clarity on, led motion clear off, judder reduction off
    Expert calibration settings untouched apart from colour space set to auto.

    My Hdr settings are similar although brightness and contrast left at 100 and colour pulled back to around 46
    Dolby Vision left alone.

    These settings were originally set on V645 but seem ok with V715

    As with most things picture quality is subjective but these settings I believe would give a much better baseline to the out of box settings which are way overblown in my opinion.
    Another Argentinian here.
    As I got tired of waiting for the OTA to appear, with my adb logcat running, and it never did ...
    I thought: "why don't I edit the ota v213 url to see if it works?", and it did. :p

    build date= Jun 02 2021
    build= 1622639309
    security_patch= 2021-01-05
    gmsversion= Android_9_Pie
    file size= 1.40GB