TCL c815 - External Hard drive files cannot suddenly be read by most Video Players

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Feb 5, 2023
Hi! I have this External Hard Drive where I used to watch my movies for more than 2 years on my TCL c815 TV.

The other day, I decided to update my firmware to v715 android 11, I was really impressed with the changes made by the upgrade. However, I noticed that suddenly, video players like MX Player, VLC, Just Player, or most video players cannot see the videos on my Hard Drive., some see the Movie Folder name, but when I opened the folder, there's no movie file to be found. Although the Built-in Media Player can see and play movies, we all know that TCL's media player is not really 100% great as for some reason, the media player overstretched some movie types which sucks that TCL hasn't resolved yet. After more checking, I found out that only Kodi can see & play the movies from my hard drive, but Dolby Vision is not supported :(

I made re-installed the mentioned video players and made sure it has permission to access my files, etc. But with the same result. Also, whenever I open my MX player and clicked the USB storage, my External Harddrive will suddenly like be forced to eject or something, and cannot totally detect the hard drive. I have to re-plug it to be able to see the files again.

My question is: has anyone experienced this issue before?
Does formatting the drive would do? (Though I don't wanna lose the movies, it's kinda large :(
Downgrading the firmware work?
The external Hard Drive is Seagate with NTFS format

Thank you to anyone who's going to share their experience and solution!
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