Teach AirDroid your own language!


Jul 14, 2014

With the help of 4,000+ volunteer translators, AirDroid can speak 34 languages now!
(34 languages for website and 28 languages for Android client.)

Join us in Crowdin to help us localize AirDroid! You can translate or vote for translation here to make AirDroid speak your language better.

How to start

1. Log in or create an account on Crowdin

2. Visit AirDroid Project page and choose your language, click the join button and wait for approval.

3. Choose a file to translate or vote.

How to translate

The text shows as strings list on the left. The red mark means there’s no translation for the string yet. The context and suggestions will help you better understand the string. Enter your translation in the input box and click the Commit button to submit it.

How to vote

The source text shows on the left and the translation shows on the right. The highest-rating translation is displayed directly. You can click expand button to see all translation for the string. Vote up the right translation and vote down the wrong, leave alone the unsure. If there are more than one right translation, please vote for the earliest one.
You can also vote when translating the strings.

We appreciate your kind help in Crowdin project! We’ll add 1-2 languages and update the existing languages every time we release a new version.
Any question about translating, please post a reply here, or send a message to airdroid on Crowdin.
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