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Team Black Out Presents...The Dark Side of the Source...Black and Clear Apps

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Oct 8, 2013
Greenville, SC
OnePlus 8
ThaJoker feels left out[emoji24] [emoji12]

On another note, if you missed it...I'm back [emoji16]

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Jan 5, 2012
off the coast o the kontiki!
He has one for SubS too. Some Maps overlays give me FC every time I look up restaurants. I have no idea why.
Decided to jump onto 7.1.2 rom the other day. Just bought the theme you speak of & its great. Not sure if this is off topic or if this theme is somehow tied to TBO. If off topic sorry. If part of TBO team thank you.

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Jan 19, 2008
When I upgrade and get on a 7.1 rom I will purchase ThaJoker. I already have Daveys and DJs but I had to go back to stock 6.0 because lineage was a little buggy for my phone. I hate Google Drive, they keep changing stuff in the app and all of my current overlays won't install.


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Mar 30, 2011
long beach
The green accent where it says hangouts and the button on the bottom of screen

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The green accent where it says hangouts and the button on the bottom of screen


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Jan 19, 2008
Hello, I need some help with XDA Labs. I've blacked out most of the "Dark Theme" of the app. However, the in-app notification that appears when you do things like thank someone's post is still white with black text. Now, I believe the background is tied with accent color which mine is white. I was wondering if someone could tell me where this is. This is the last thing I need for this. Thanks in advance.

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    Click the quote above to access the site


    Also located in the updater Help and Guide section!
    Make a full system backup - Use these at your own risk!!!!!

    Signed Install:
    Before you do anything uninstall all stock versions that you normally get from the playstore!
    You cannot install our apps with the stock app installed anywhere!

    -Click on the DOWN arrow in the top right hand corner
    -You will see the download in progress
    -Then a prompt to install the apk after the download completes
    -Enjoy the Themed apps

    Make a full system backup - Use these at your own risk!!!!!
    Flash in Recovery:
    You must uninstall updates from the playstore before flashing the zip...

    -click on the down arrow in the top right hand corner
    -you will see the download in progress
    -then a prompt to reboot in to recovery to flash zip once download completes
    You will still need to go to the "downloads" folder to flash manually!

    Click the TBO icon to get the updater app



    Team Black Out is a team of both veteran app "Inverters" and new-comers that want to learn. With over A lot of popular Blacked Out and Transparent Android apps in our list, we are sure to not only amaze you but to guarantee once you use our Themed Apps you'll Black Out for a while.. The Team isn't doing ROMS though. We are simply combining the great minds of some of the Best in the Business when it comes to making apps Blacked Out or Transparent. We have only a few team members now because some are planning on being lightly active, so if you're already into doing Blacked Out apps, hit us up if you wanna join. We don't want to train people from the ground up but you don't have to be the best either. We will are hosting guides on this site to help walk people through the process of Inverted Apps...


    T-BOTs are the Team Black Out Testers. When we update an app or start a new one from scratch, we can put anywhere from 20 minutes to 10 hours into 1 app for all of you and then testing that app can take 10-60 minutes and we don't use every app we Black Out so we're bound to miss some hidden things. Well, this is where our Loyal T-BOTs come into play. Once we update an app they get busy looking for issues for us. This gives us more time to be able to update more apps, start new apps or just have some non-android fun. So make sure you thank the T-BOTs when you get blown away from how amazing these apps are!

    Obviously this style is the most popular. We don't theme our apps with images but rather Invert the Colors so you'll have Dark backgrounds and Light texts. This is very popular and has become something that many avid Android users have come to thoroughly enjoy so we will do our best to give you more of what you love!


    Transparent apps have become more popular the last year or so and some members of the Team have been offering them for a while now. Our transparent series of apps are called Clear Apps. Being able to see your wallpaper while you're using your favorite apps is just cool! We'll be offering our own wallpapers soon for you to use!

    Ok kids... click on "Welcome to the Dark Side" at the top and it will take you to our official Team Black Out website! All downloads are hosted there only to keep track of everything. If you've used any of our apps in the past in your Aroma installers or in your ROM, you can still use them. Link back to our SITE wherever you post our content tho. Do not post something in a different forum using our work and then PM us to let us know and hope it's ok with us.... It isn't. Ask first and we'll work with you but ask for forgiveness and we have a problem.


    Saving eyes from bleeding, one app at a time.

    TBO will do one more nice size batch of updates then be back next year after holiday break. The thread will be closed meanwhile. Thank you and happy holidays!

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    So much love in the updater and a little surprise appearance....pictures>words..have a look:


    OP and site updated to v6.2 New updater!

    Many updates for the holidays we will close the thread tomorrow night to get update issues fixed if any reported. This is the LAST update until the New year but I will add some wallpapers in the next few days...keep an eye out!



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