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Apr 26, 2013
Request for signature

Hey dude can you make a good signature for me!!! Can you use something about Mancheser United in it.....Otherwise i would like my name i.e."Tanmay" in it.....:highfive::highfive:


Recognized Contributor
Mar 11, 2009
South Florida
Hey guys I was referred here by fellow RCs. I'm seeking help in making a forum signature and also a nice design for my VMODA M100 custom shields.For my forum signature I really like blue and white with black schemes and want to have RC in it please. For my shields I want to put "CZA B" on them and have a design around it. The only thing is it has to be in black and white. I'm going to be using these headphones to DJ with if it makes any difference. I've been rocking them without a logo cause I suck at photoshop. Really looking forward to the help in designing my shields. Thank you in advance. Here's a sample as well of what I'm talking about. I'm also including the PSD required to make it.




  • over-ear-shield-blank-template_photoshop.rar
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Jun 14, 2012
Sorry Guys but I am very busy...!

Hey Guys,

I am dam busy with my work now a days and not able to visit Forum regularly and cant help you for now.

Please ask other team member for your works.


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    You might be wondering why i have created this thread as there is similiar thread available here in XDA.

    Let my Clarify

    I know there is another thread for the same intention and i am also member of one of them, but as I want to work alone and want to build my own team so i have created this.

    Post Your Request here and see the difference

    Kindly post your requests here with details and i will provide you that.

    For joining Team Phoenix PM to any of Team Member , They will review your skills and you will be added to Team when approved.


    Phoenix Aka mehul_crazybond (Me)

    Conan Edogawa
    [email protected]
    Prospected/Learning Team Members

    Time to use this Reserved Post now.

    I am getting lots of requests for joining the team,but somehow i have say no to all them,
    So, i have decided to Put them in Prospected/Learning Team Members here in this post
    so they can take requests also and can learn also.
    and when they get proper knowledge and experience then i will add them in Main team.

    All Users dont feel bad when any learner
    Team member dont match your requirement
    as they are still learning and gathering knowledge.

    Ask me i will make you surprise

    Prospected / Learning Team Members

    Thanks for the second Logo.

    PM Sent. I am primarily looking for a ROM logo and a Bootanimation. Kernel Animation would be nice, but I know its too painful to make.

    OK. Your boot animation is done :)
    Download : JASS_bootanimation.zip
    Check it out on Youtube :
    sure i will wait..

    Here you go buddy :) You can make suggestions.

    Hey Guys......

    Hi All,

    Sorry for the break that i have took, but was not able to.
    Anyways, now i am here
    and will available on daily basis so guys dont get fade i am here

    i will take all the pending requests as soon as possible.


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