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Jan 12, 2012
Hey mate, If you are still making signatures, please make one for me... (I like blured things, I want to have my username in it)
Also if you can, share some psd of already made signatures instead of making one from scratch, and I will edit them for my needs... Thanks in advance. :)

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    You might be wondering why i have created this thread as there is similiar thread available here in XDA.

    Let my Clarify

    I know there is another thread for the same intention and i am also member of one of them, but as I want to work alone and want to build my own team so i have created this.

    Post Your Request here and see the difference

    Kindly post your requests here with details and i will provide you that.

    For joining Team Phoenix PM to any of Team Member , They will review your skills and you will be added to Team when approved.


    Phoenix Aka mehul_crazybond (Me)

    Conan Edogawa
    [email protected]
    Prospected/Learning Team Members

    Time to use this Reserved Post now.

    I am getting lots of requests for joining the team,but somehow i have say no to all them,
    So, i have decided to Put them in Prospected/Learning Team Members here in this post
    so they can take requests also and can learn also.
    and when they get proper knowledge and experience then i will add them in Main team.

    All Users dont feel bad when any learner
    Team member dont match your requirement
    as they are still learning and gathering knowledge.

    Ask me i will make you surprise

    Prospected / Learning Team Members

    Thanks for the second Logo.

    PM Sent. I am primarily looking for a ROM logo and a Bootanimation. Kernel Animation would be nice, but I know its too painful to make.

    OK. Your boot animation is done :)
    Download : JASS_bootanimation.zip
    Check it out on Youtube :
    sure i will wait..

    Here you go buddy :) You can make suggestions.

    Hey Guys......

    Hi All,

    Sorry for the break that i have took, but was not able to.
    Anyways, now i am here
    and will available on daily basis so guys dont get fade i am here

    i will take all the pending requests as soon as possible.