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Apr 25, 2011
It is a very good think that viper cames up with an updated ROM for the HTC One S considering the bad treatment that HTC has deserved to this device. Also I didn't know about a leaked sense 5 ROM for the One S that cames directly from HTC. That said, as for me, I don't think that I'll do the update but this has nothing to do with viper team, the fact is that I don't like sense 5.0, it's too minimalistic, I like the blinkfeed but as I have stated many times, in order to put it on, HTC has removed everything else from the sense.

- no 3d sliding effect
- no HTC widget ( meteo etc )
- very ugly unclok screen ( also less function, the lockscreen with the ring it's more beatiful and functional )
- no wallpaper scrolling
. Also ( but this is completly personal ) I don't like the vertical scrolling in the all app menu, I think is better the horizzontal one

So unless viper team cames up with a miracle and reach to reintroduce those things ( or at least some of them ) I think that I'll skip the update!

I agree you, indeed.


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Feb 21, 2010
Running Viper 2.1.0 and I cannot get 4G to work to save my life. Stuck on 2G. Tried raidos...1.13, 1.15 and 1.20 which breaks data all together. Anyone know of a solution?


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Feb 21, 2010
T-Mobile us calls hspa 4g

Gesendet von meinem HTC One S mit Tapatalk

Absolutely. So I only get 2g speeds with this ROM. Haven't seen the 4g logo at all. My Nexus 4 with the same sees it, the S5 does. This phone with this ROM just doesn't.

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Oct 18, 2011
OnePlus 7T
I got a few problems with the ROM after coming back to it from The SixSense I need help with :\
1) when the phone actually shows on the PC im limited to 48 MB and i dont know why.
2) Wifi wont work im on Radio 1.20

What you think can cause this?
I did a complete wipe... I dont care for my stuff most of it is backed up good.
Im S-off, SCID 1111111.. Hboot 2.16 & Also I changed to CWM recovery touch cuz i couldnt see the OTA on the SD card while using the TWRP version in my sig...
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Mar 24, 2009
OnePlus 7T Pro
OnePlus Nord
I got a few problems with the ROM after coming back to it from The SixSense I need help with :\
1) when the phone actually shows on the PC im limited to 48 MB and i dont know why.
2) Wifi wont work im on Radio 1.20

What you think can cause this?
I did a complete wipe... I dont care for my stuff most of it is backed up good.
Im S-off, SCID 1111111.. Hboot 2.16 & Also I changed to CWM recovery touch cuz i couldnt see the OTA on the SD card while using the TWRP version in my sig...

Try rom version 3.2.1:


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Oct 18, 2011
OnePlus 7T

I see its new so I will try, but I tried all sense 5s and the Sense 6 ROMs all of them had some sort of deal breaker for me...
Sense 5 they must used that old TWRP recovery which was a big pain in the bum, Sense 6 I kept getting different issues each time phone booted like weird photos taken with camera\ wifi not working \ SD wont mont FM radio wont work could be great but its not ready yet :\


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Mar 24, 2009
OnePlus 7T Pro
OnePlus Nord
I see its new so I will try, but I tried all sense 5s and the Sense 6 ROMs all of them had some sort of deal breaker for me...
Sense 5 they must used that old TWRP recovery which was a big pain in the bum, Sense 6 I kept getting different issues each time phone booted like weird photos taken with camera\ wifi not working \ SD wont mont FM radio wont work could be great but its not ready yet :\

Hmm I havent had any problems with sense 6, this rom atleast is not getting updated or monitored anymore.
If you really want to get it working I suspect you need HBOOT 2.15, and flash the stock kernel.


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Jun 3, 2008
Can someone confirm if this rom works on hboot 2.16? or I need to downgrade? Or flash a kernel (If i need to flasha kernel, wich one?) I know that this rom is old, but I got tired of lags and freeze after some time in the most newer roms like lollipop. So i want a stable stock based rom because I'm working a lot and I need my phone more (with lollipop even whatsapp freeze a lot).

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    [19.02.2013] Venom Viper One S Tweaks documentation

    Venom Viper One S Tweaks Documentation – a venomous “Guide to the Galaxy”

    Tweaks for Version​

    The Tweaks enable the user to modify many aspects of the Android and Sense system. Since these are all non-generic things, meaning not authored, tested and verified by HTC, they can and will contain bugs and can and will cause issues on your device. However, we are trying to even out as many of them as possible over time. You are welcome to report any problems to us. Before you report, go through this document and check if it’s already a known thing. It is also a good idea to check the FAQ section before.
    The Tweaks consist of two Apps. One is the actual tweaking App, which is responsible for executing the tweaks and one is the Venom Hub, which serves the contents. Both are linked up. You can access the Hub from within the Tweaks App. Once you downloaded content in the HUB and pressed install, you can change to the Tweaks App and select your content there for activation.
    This Document covers only the actual Tweaks App!

    You read and understood the above, hence you are aware that these modifications will void your warranty and you are the sole responsible person for these changes. We do not accept any responsibility for damage to your device, software and/or personal data stemming from your use of the tweaks app or the HUB and content. We neither accept any claims concerning damage to your private life in consequence of excessive Viper Contact. This is defined as addiction and needs a psychiatrist. We also do not pay lawyers for divorce cases resulting from wife neglect.

    Document Logic:
    The Document-logic changed since last version to better reflect the Tweaks-App.
    The Tweaks App has a title bar at the top, its functions in the middle and a Tab-Bar at the bottom.
    The title bar has a caption reading the current ROM Name and Version at the left hand side and a square button at the right side. This button is essential. It shows a white circle which is grayed out if you can enable a tweak without a reboot or Sense/Statusbar restart and it turns white as soon as that would be required. Watch this button. If you see it active (white), it is good to use it right away (before enabling more tweaks) to ensure correct execution of the Tweak. If you don’t, it can cause issues sometimes.
    The middle part can have several sections separated by Headlines, containing various tweak functions or links to a “subpage”. Definition of “subpage”: It can either be a full page with functions and/or links to a sub-subpage, it can also be a list or it can be a pop-up.

    The Tab-Bar has 8 Tabs.
    We will now go through the 8 Tabs sequentially, starting left. For each Tab, the subpages will be titled as they are in the App and follow the main page description.
    Roman numbering from I to VIII for the tabs, normal numbers from 0-9 for the Tab’s Items and letters from a-z for the subpage-items. So a Tab is I, a Tweak Item is I.1., a subpage-item to that Tweak Item is I.1.a
    The gray Headlines will not be numbered but be typed out bold.

    Tab I: “About”
    The Titlebar shows a link to the XDA Thread instead of the reboot option.
    The middle-section shows links to the main developers and their Profiles, also their donate link.

    I.1 . Profiles:
    I.1.a: Profiles Page Headline has a 3-dot Menu Item for import and export tweaks settings at the top right. Export leads to all settings being exported to sdcard\venom\profiles\settings.db. Import leads to import of settings from the same file.
    Notice: This function is NOT compatible to the Tweaks App from ROM Version!
    I.1.b: Profiles page shows tweaks defaults which can always be used to revert back to defaults. It’s entry cannot be deleted or renamed.
    I.1.c: Profiles page bottom line shows “Close” at the left and “Save current” at the right, “Save Current” will save your current settings to the same “settings.db” as the export function, but will ask you to give a name to your save and then show it below the “Tweaks defaults”.

    I.2. Bug report
    I.2.a Bug Reports headline shows title and an arrow to navigate one level up in tweaks.
    I.2.b Middle section explains how it works, shows text only.
    I.2.c bottom Line shows “Start recording” which launches a Recorder-App that records all LogCat lines until you press Stop in the Status-Bar. The Logs are saved to sdcard/venom/BugReports/, you can upload those logs to any filehost and send them to your dev.

    I.3 Buy ViperX+ Pro is a link to the playstore so you can donate $ 1,- to Viper. It will get rid of the nag screen at launch time. This currently still only works for ViperX+ Pro!

    Tab II: Statusbar
    Shows a restart Statusbar button at the top right

    Headline: Quicksettings Tweaks – here you can adjust the Quicksettings the way you want them.
    II.1. Item: “Vertical quick Settings”
    II.1.a This is a Popup that lets you pick “Use Tabs” or “Swipe left/right on Header” or “Disable” for the vertical Quick Settings.
    Explainer: This defines how or if you call the Quick settings. Obviously, “Disable” makes them go away altogether, swipe left/right on Header means you can go from Notifications to Vertical QS by swiping on the Header, “Tabs” means you have the two Tabs at the bottom of the PullDown.

    II.2. Item: “Hide n Reorder”
    II.2.a. This is a List. You can hide specific settings and/or change their order of appearance here (click the “X” Button for disabling or pull the 3 bars drag-handle to sort the order different.

    II.3. Item: “Quick-quick Settings” You can enable this to make the QS appear automatically, if there are no notifications in the Pulldown. It will then show you the QS as soon as you pull down the Statusbar. This applies only to the vertical QS! Not available if Verticals have been set to “Disable” in Item II.1.a.!

    II.4. Item: “Long press switch order”
    II.4.a. Popup, lets you pick “Nothing”, “Vertical QS/QL/Hide”, “Vertical QS/QL”, “Vertical QS/Hide”, “QL/Hide” and obviously defines the way you can switch through the different combinations of QuickSettings and Quicklaunch by longpressing the Header of the PullDown.

    II.5. Item: “Customize Quicklaunch”
    II.5.a. Headline of subpage: navigation arrow, title and + add button
    II.5.b. Middle Section shows Apps that are linked to QL as well as a red X to delete the link and a 3-bar drag-handle for sorting.
    II.5.c. Bottom Line shows “cancel” and “OK”

    Headline: Statusbar Tweaks – here you can adjust the Statusbar.
    II.6. Item: “Status bar icons theme”
    II.6.a. Headline shows navigation arrow, title, “get more” (link to HUB), restart status bar button (tap after changing any icon or icon set).
    II.6.b. Item: “Theme Pack” links to a sub-subpage where you can choose any previously downloaded set of icons.
    II.6.c. Headline: “Icons” below this is a list of all icons. Click on any to access another sub-subpage to choose individual icons from the packs you downloaded. Using this enables you to set each icon individually, using II.6.b. means you exchange all Icons in a pack. If a Pack doesn’t contain an Icon for each available icon, the missing ones will just remain like they were before.

    II.7. Item: “Hide specific notification options”
    II.7.a. Here you can select any icon from the notifications by clicking the radio-button at the right to hide it from the notification bar. When done, click OK at the bottom.

    II.8. Item: “Battery Options”
    Headline: Battery options – this section serves to customize the battery.
    II.8.a. Item: “Battery Icon”: change the icon of the battery here. Links you back to II.6.c. (pick individual Icon).
    II.8.b. Item: “Hide Icon”: Disable the Battery Icon completely here.
    II.8.c. Item: “Battery text style” Popup, choose between regular, small, no or hide Percent Symbol (%)
    II.8.d. Item: “Show MIUI bar” enables the MIUI Style Battery bar at the very top of the Phone screen.
    II.8.e. Item: “MIUI Bar hight” lets you adjust the hight of the bar, max is the hight of the status-bar, min is one pixel-row.
    Headline: Battery text color settings - this is for the Battery TEXT, not for the Icon!
    II.8.f. Item: “Automatically color” enables the battery text being colored automatically according to its charging state. The colorcycle is defined with Items II.8.h to II.8.k.
    II.8.g. Item: “Static battery color” brings up a color picker pop-up to let you chose a static color. Only available if “Automatically color” at Item II.8.f. is switched off.
    II.8.h Item: “[Auto] Charging Color” lets you pick a color for charging state.
    II.8.i. Item: “[Auto] Regular color” defines the battery color from 100% to 41%
    II.8.j. Item: “[Auto] Medium Level color” defines the battery color from 40% to 16%
    II.8.k. Item: “[Auto] Low Level color” defines the battery color from 15% to 0%
    Headline: MIUI battery bar color settings – this is only available if II.8.d. is ticked and allows for color and animation settings.
    II.8.l. Item: "Automatically color" is same as II.8.f. but the color definitions for this are found at II.8.q to II.8.u
    II.8.m. Item: “Static battery Color” Pick a static color for the MIUI Bar
    II.8.n. Item: “Animate” lets you animate the MIUI Battery bar – when plugged to charger while applying, changes only become visible after unplugging/reconnecting. Same for all three animation tweaks.
    II.8.o. Item: “Animation Pulse Mode” lets you pick either standard or up/down animation
    II.8.p. Item: “Animation Mode” Lets you choose from “Normal”, “Accelerate and Decelerate”, “Decelerate” and “Accelerate” animation style.
    II.8.q. Item: “[Auto] charging color” lets you pick a color for charging state.
    II.8.r. Item: “[Auto] Regular color” defines the battery color from 100% to 41%
    II.8.s. Item: “[Auto] Medium Level color[/B]” defines the battery color from 40% to 16%
    II.8.t. Item: “[Auto] Low Level color” defines the battery color from 15% to 0%

    II.9. Item: "Clock Options”
    II.9.a. Item: "Clock Style" Opens a Pop-Up to choose the location of the clock, “Hide”, “Normal”, “Center”.
    II.9.c. Item: “Choose Clock Color” Pick a color for your clock.
    II.9.c. Item: “Hide AM/PM” hides the AM and PM letters when using the 12 Hours Clock.

    II.10. Item: “High speed mobile data icon” opens a popup where you can select different Icons for Highspeed connections.

    II.11. Item: “Status bar icon” will open up your preferred picture hub and lets you choose a picture. It only takes 100x100 pixel .png pictures though, keep that in mind. It is the tiny Icon on the left hand side of the status bar which is not there by default.

    II.12. Item: “Transparency” Pop-Up with two sliders for Home-Screen and In-App Transparency. Adjust them the way you want to have your Status-Bar.

    II.13. Item: “CM Brightness Control” is a Cyanogenmod function to use the Statusbar as a brightness slider. Slide the Statusbar from left to right and back for increasing/decreasing the brightness.

    Headline: Notification Pull-Down Tweaks
    II.14. Item: “Carrier Label” lets you choose your own caption for the carrier label. Default is hide.

    II.15. Item: “Show carrier icon” lets you choose you own icon where the carrier icon would appear. Default is hide.

    II.16. Item: "Header" Opens a subpage where you can customize many aspects of the pull-down header.
    II.16.a. Item: “Run custom app” lets you pick any app that will launch when you tap on the header.
    Headline: Clock Options
    II.16.b. Item: “Hide Clock” Hides the Header-Clock completely.
    II.16.c. Item: “Clock Color” lets you pick your favorite color for the Header-Clock.
    II.16.d. Item: “Hide AM/PM” is most obviously clear isn’t it? Hides AM/PM letters from Header-Clock when using 12 hour format.
    II.16.e. Item: “Hide date” hides the date which shows on the right of the clock.
    II.16.f. Item: “Date Color” lets you pick your favorite color for the date.
    Headline: Information Line This is a line right below the Header-Part where you can display misc. Information.
    II.16.g. Item: “Information” lets you pick your preferred info from a Popup-list which will then be displayed under the Header.
    II.16.h. Item: “Color” lets you pick your favorite color the Information will be displayed with.
    II.16.i. Item: “Show Icon” allows for a tiny icon to be displayed at the beginning of the Information line.
    Headline: Settings Button This is a section that allows you to customize the settings button in the Header.
    II.16.j. Item: “Hide Button” allows you to fully hide the settings button.
    II.16.k. Item: “Custom App” allows you to change the App that is launched by that button.

    II.17. Item: “Background Color” lets you choose a different color for the Pull-Down Menu.

    II.18. Item: “Use Background Image” Opens your favorite picture hub and lets you pick any picture as a background. For it to look good it should have a size of 720x1280 pixels.

    II.19. Item: “Block on Lockscreen” allows you to lock block the Pull-Down altogether when on Lockscreen. Default Pull-Down setting is “ON” on Lockscreen.

    Headline: Recent apps dialog – this allows you to pick the native Android App-Switcher
    II.20. Item: “Dialog style” Let’s you switch between default sense and android recent apps manager.

    Tab III: “Sense”
    Shows the Restart Sense button at the top right

    Headline: “Home screen
    III.1. Item: “Enable Landscape” - Makes the Homescreen (“Rosie”) show in Landscape mode when device is turned sideways.

    III.2. Item: “Infinite Scroll” - Makes the scroll go beyond the last Home Screen Panel and start again with the first. This does NOT include the “carousel” effect!

    III.3. Item: “Navigationbar style” – lets you select whether your navigation bar is default, transparent or Sense 5 style.

    III.4. Item: “Wallpaper Scrolling”- enables the scroll of the wallpaper on the home screen.

    III.5. Item: “Customize menu” – lets you add/remove entries from the homescreen menu.

    III.6. Item: “Clock Widget” – brings up a popup where you can tick a custom app for clock and/or weather section. If you tick one or both, it will bring up a chooser-page, which will allow you to select any of your apps to be launched when the weather or the clock is tapped on home screen.

    III.7. Item: “Icon Pack” - This pops up a subpage where you can see the Icon-Packs you downloaded via the Venom Hub. Here you can click on a pack and choose all or single icons only for Sense.

    Headline: App-Drawer
    III.8. Item: “Increased App Drawer” - Tightens the Icons in the App-Drawer so you have more on one page, less pages. Effectively, it is increased to 5x6 rows and columns in portrait mode and 7x3 in landscape.

    III.9. Item: “Background Color” - Lets you pick a different background color for the App-Drawer with a color-picker. Notice: transparent makes the App-Drawer slower.

    III.10. Item: “Use background Image” - Lets you pick a 720x1280 Picture as background if you prefer that over a mono-color.

    III.11. Item: “Border Color” - Lets you pick a different border color for the App-Drawer borders with a color-picker.

    Tab IV: “Lockscreen”
    Shows the reboot button at the top right

    Headline: Appearance
    IV.1. Item: “AOSP Lockscreen” - Exchanges the Sense Lockscreen for the AOSP Version.

    IV.2. Item: “Autounlock on ring” - Only active with AOSP Lockscreen enabled. Makes the Phone unlock straight away when a call is coming in.

    IV.3. Item: “Orientation” - Lets you pick how to show the Lockscreen: Only Portrait, Only Landscape or Automatic.

    IV.4. Item: “Carrier Caption” - Textbox where you can put in any Text you like to be displayed on the Lockscreen instead of the Operator name.

    IV.5. Item: “Hide Carrier Label” - Hides the operator label. If you defined a text in IV.4., don’t check this.

    IV.6. Item: “Hide date/time” – allows you to hide date and time from the Lockscreen.

    IV.7. Item: “Clock Size” – lets you pick one of three different sizes for the Lockscreen-clock.

    IV.8. Item: “Shortcuts” – allows you to edit the Lockscreen shortcuts.
    IV.8.a. Item: “Hide Shortcut Labels” - hides the textlabels of the Lockscreen Shortcuts.
    IV.8.b. Item: “Lockring settings” – popup, which allows you to choose either “Default”, “Arc shortcuts”, “Left ring” or “Right ring”. Explainer: “Arc shortcuts” arcs the shortcuts around the centered ring, Left ring shifts the Lockring into the bottom left corner, right ring shifts the Lockring into the bottom right corner.
    IV.8.c. Item: “Custom Shortcuts” If checked, it enables the four following items where you can change each shortcut on the Lockscreen to a custom app.
    Headline: Applications
    IV.8.d - IV.8.g: customize each shortcut with your favorite app.

    IV.9. Item: Custom app notification” – allows you to add an App to the list of apps which show notifications on the Lockscreen. Add e.g. Tapatalk to receive new post or PM notifications right on the Lockscreen…

    Headline: Other
    IV.10. Item “Volume keys music control” – here you can define long-press actions for the volume keys when the screen is OFF. Choices are: “don’t use”, “Prev/Next Track” and “Play-Pause/Next Track”.

    IV.11. Item “Disable volume keys” – allows you to disable the volume key function on the Lockscreen, keeps them active while music is playing.

    IV.12. Item: “Buttons to unlock” - Lets you pick a custom button to unlock your Lockscreen.

    IV.13. Item: “Long press home action” - Lets you choose a long press action for the Home Button on the Lockscreen.

    Tab V: “Buttons”
    Shows the reboot button at the top right

    Headline: Keyboard and Buttons
    V.1. Item: “3-Finger gesture” – subpage with settings for the HTC 3-Finger gesture
    V.1.a. Item:"Enable 3-Finger gesture" – toggle 3-Finger gesture ON/OFF
    Headline: Gesture direction
    V.1.b. – V.1.e. 4 Items for each direction (Up, Down, Left, Right) where you can set individual actions for each.

    V.2. Item: “Capacitive Backlight” – popup with 6 different settings for the backlight of the capacitive buttons. These being “Default”, “Dim”, “Automatic”, “Always Off”, “Always on, Full” and “Always on, Dim”. Default is as the ROM would set it, Automatic is linked to the light sensor. The others are self-explaining.

    V.3. Item: “Quick Flashlight” – allows you to use the Power Button as a dead-man trigger for the flashlight. Hold it for light on, release it for light off.

    Headline: Volume Keys
    V.4. Item: “Volume up wake” – allows for the volume up key to wake up the device from sleep.

    V.5. Item: “Volume down screen off” – allows for the volume down key to switch off the screen.

    Headline: Shortpress actions
    V.6. Item: “Shortpress Recent” – allows to define a custom action on the Recent-Key when shortpress is registered. Pops up a selection of the most common actions. You can pick any of them.

    B]Headline[/B]: Longpress actions
    V.7. Item: “Long Press Home” – allows to define a custom action on the Home-Key when a longpress is registered. Pops up a selection of the most common actions. You can pick any of them.

    V.8. Item: “Longpress Back” – allows to define a custom action on the Back-Key when a longpress is registered. Pops up a selection of the most common actions. You can pick any of them.

    V.9. Item: “Longpress Recent”– allows to define a custom action on the Recent-Key when a longpress is registered. Pops up a selection of the most common actions. You can pick any of them.

    Tab VI: “Misc”
    Shows the reboot button at the top right

    Headline: HTC hidden settings
    VI.1. Item: “Phone Info” - Brings up a native HTC Phone Info screen with options you can set. These are not documented here and partially dangerous. Please do not use them unless you know exactly what you do. Some of the functions write into the Radio Settings and cannot be undone without flashing the Radio. Since this is difficult or even impossible on the One S, one should refrain from using this without expert knowledge.

    Headline: Appearance
    VI.2. Item: “Enable Cube animation” - Gives you a Cube-like animation on HTC Sense Tab Bar. When sliding fingers from one tab to next, the Window will spin like a Cube.

    VI.3. Item: “Transition animations” – gives you a popup-selection of “Standard”, “Flip”, “Fold” or “FlyIn” transition animations.

    VI.4. Item: “Overscroll Glow Color” - Here you can set the Color, which lightens up if you over-scroll any list at the borders of the list or screen.

    VI.5. Item: “LCD densitiy” – allows you to change the LCD densitiy from 220 up to 400 dpi. Standard is 240 dpi. The Effect is comparable to resolution-changing on a PC screen. Setting higher values will make things not render correctly on the screen, some things won’t fit. But it does make text bigger and better readable. Could be an option for visually impaired people.

    Headline: System
    VI.6. Item: “Auto Backlight Brightness” - Opens a new page with multiple sliders to fine-tune brightness settings. Experiment with it.
    VI.6.a. Item: “Mode” – allows you to pick a predefined set of Backlight settings
    Headline: Manual autobrightness settings
    shows a live-reading of the current light sensor values
    VI.6.b – VI.6.k. Items: 10 sliders for 10 different light sensor value thresholds which allow to set individual brightness settings for each of the 10 steps.

    VI.7. Item: “Allowed rotations” – allows you to define how the screen is allowed to rotate, 90, 180 and 270 degrees when auto-rotation is on.

    VI.8. Item: “Allow phone rotation” – If you tick this, Dialer, Contacts and InCall screens will also follow auto-rotation settings. If unticked, they will stick to portrait.

    VI.9. Item: “Minfree setting” – here you can define a profile how the build-in taskmanager kills apps to free up RAM.
    VI.9.a. Item: “Minfree presets” – lets you choose a predefined set of settings for different scenarios. Popup with 5 presets. Choose “manual” for setting your own style of task killing with the six sliders below.
    Headline: Choose your values manually
    VI.9.b - VI.9.g Items: 6 sliders for Foreground, Visible, Secondary server, Hidden, Content provider and Empty App. Learn with google what each means and play with it.

    VI.10. Item: “Power menu items” – pops up a chooser where you can select or deselect 5 functions on the Power menu.

    VI.11. Item: “Enable PC Tool CD” – when ticked, it mounts the HTC Sync CD when connecting the phone to PC.

    Headline: SMS and Networks
    VI.12. Item: “SMS Screen On” – Wakes the phone (screen) up when a message arrives.

    VI.13. Item: “Enable Fast Dormancy” - Network specific feature. Hard, to find out if your network supports it. Just experiment with it. If you notice trouble with connections, higher battery drain and such, go back to previous setting. NOTICE: this tweak does not change the relating build.prop entry anymore! It works without build.prop! (for those that like to check).

    VI.14. Item: “Disable Smart Sync” - Disables the smart syncing feature for HTC Sense. Can help that your device doesn’t turn off wifi when you sleep. Experiment with it if you are curious what it does.

    VI.15. Item: “Force enable WiFi N support” – this setting only applies to countries where the carriers disable WiFi N per operator policy! Usually WiFi N is ON and you don’t need this. If you are unsure what the story is with your carrier, call them and ask.

    Headline: Sound
    VI.16. Item: “Disable volume sound” – disables the annoying audible feedback sound when pressing the volume buttons.

    VI.17. Item: “Enable Sony xLoud Enhancement” – enables the Sony xLoud sound engine.

    Headline: Different Tweaks
    VI.18. Item: “Enable Sony BRAVIA Engine” – enables the Sony BRAVIA picture enhancement technology.

    Tab VII: “Advanced”
    Shows the reboot button at the top right

    Headline: Fixing/Optimizing
    VII.1. Item: “Fix Permissions” - Runs a command that corrects all UID/GID mismatches. Can also cause trouble but usually it helps with issues.

    VII.2. Item: “Zipalign all APK’S” - Runs the “zipalign” process on all user apk’s. This can be handy as not all App Devs do a zipalign and that makes the APK behave bad on memory. Zipaligning them can make them run better in memory.

    VII.3. Item: “Fix Widgets” – forces sense to rescan its widgets. This can be used if you notice that some widgets are missing.

    Headline: System
    VII.4. Item: “Mount Sytem r/w” - Mounts the System with Read and Write permissions for file browsers. This can potentially be dangerous because malware could abuse that but on the other hand, it’s helpful too if you like messing with your system and malware could also execute this command anyway, since you already run the device as root user.

    VII.5. Item: “Disable Logcat” - disables the logcat of the system. Makes it a little faster and use a wee bit less juice but you won’t be able to provide your Dev with a LogCat if you have problems. These logs are incredibly helpful for debugging. So just try it out if it betters anything for you.

    Headline: Wipes
    VII.6. Item: “Wipe Cache” - As the name suggests, this wipes the cache partition. Saves you a reboot into recovery.

    VII.7. Item: “Wipe Dalvik Cache” - See above!

    Headline: Fonts
    VII.8. Item: “Use Custom Font” - Lets you pick a custom font pack, also downloadable via the hub for example. This Item opens a file browser where you can go look for your downloaded font pack. To go back to default font, simply uncheck this tickbox.

    Headline: Boot
    VII.9. Item: “Custom boot animation” - Lets you pick a custom bootanimation. Those can also be obtained via the Hub for example. This Item opens a file browser where you can go look for your downloaded custom boot animation.

    VII.10. Item: “Custom Down Animation” - Same as above for down animation.

    Tab VIII: “CPU”
    Shows a “Get more” button at the top right which brings you to the Hub’s Kernel download section

    VIII.1. Item: “Apply settings on boot” – automatically re-applies settings at boot time if necessary. This function includes a boot-loop protection in case any of the settings is incompatible and leads to a boot-loop.

    Headline: File system
    VIII.2. Item: “I/O Scheduler” – lets you pick your preferred I/O Scheduler. If you don’t know what it is, leave it alone or Google it.

    VIII.3. Item: “Read ahead size” – Slider to adjust the read-ahead buffer for the SD Card. If you don’t know what it is, leave it alone or Google it.

    Headline: CPU/Kernel Settings
    VIII.4. Item: “CPU Governor” – lets you pick any of the available Governors. Depends on the used kernel. You don’t know what the governor does? Then leave this alone or google android governors.

    VIII.5. Item: “CPU Min Frequency” – this is a slider that lets you define the lowest frequency the CPU can drop down to. Stock is 384, anything below usually works but could cause issues.

    VIII.6. Item: “CPU Max Frequency” – this is a slider that lets you define the highest frequency the CPU can rise up to. Stock is 1512MHz, anything above that is depending on the kernel you run and can cause issues like sudden reboots, apps FC, overheating, damage to device.

    VIII.7. Item: “CPU Screen off Max” – this is a slider that lets you define the highest frequency the CPU can rise up to while the screen is off. Stock is 384 but you can set it lower, however, some phones tend to not wake up when in deep sleep if this is set too low. Experiment with it.

    This concludes the tweaks-document. I hope I didn’t miss anything. My sincerest apologies if I did. :D
    Thanks for all the fish!

    Changelog 2.1.0

    What do we have here?

    - Totally rebuilt from scratch (port from HTC One X+ ROM)
    - Merged with latest OTA by HTC (keyboard fix Z/Z in landscape)
    - Fixed Wifi issues (Full ROM)
    - Fixed Widget FC

    - Added option for TMOUS users for gps, 3G speed.. (Full ROM)
    - Vertical quick settings
    - Transparent Rosie app drawer
    - Icon packs code rewritten
    - Fixed sliders in tweaks app
    - Disable pctool mount tweak
    - XDA thread link in tweaks fixed
    - Remove gpu nonsense
    - Custom lockscreen shortcuts
    - Custom app notifications on lockscreen
    - Rearranged tweaks app
    - New venom button manager
    - CPU tab (no u/v for now)
    - Sony Bravia and Xloud
    - Added GSM Prl tweak
    - Added custom clock hex colour
    - Added Full rotation tweak
    - Added Horizontal EQS sizes tweak
    - Added Bug report to tweaks PLEASE USE!!
    - Added Quick flashlight tweak
    - Added Phone, Contacts, Call rotation tweak
    - Fixed some tweaks typos
    - Customize Rosie menu tweak
    - Custom lockscreen clock size
    - Some SystemUI fixes
    - Fixed Rosie app drawer speed
    - Added LCD Density Tweak
    - Replaced 3 Dot tweak for Soft menu bar
    - Added Hex value to colour picker
    - Added Sense 5 Navbar
    - Added Fix Widgets scanner
    - Fixed saving tweaks profiles
    - Added long press system delay tweak
    - Fixed displaying c/f in clockwidget
    - Added Rosie Appdrawer Border tweak
    - Updated Venom Hub
    - Fixed long press timeout keeping settings
    - Disable vol keys on lockscreen
    - Weather in notification area
    - Updated Lyapota's Camera Extrim
    - Fixed System RW setting sticky thingy
    - Fixed Disable Logcat setting thingy also
    - Force enable Wifi N tweak
    - Fixed Rosie icons
    - Fixed Rosie manage apps greyout on lock workspaces
    - Hide Rosie tab if Sense launcher not installed
    - Added CPU confirm dialog
    - Get More button in skins picker opens Venom HUB skins section
    - Fixed Venom Equalizer
    - Added SOS and Auto flash to Flashlight
    - Custom high speed mobile data icon
    - Rosie Scroll wallpaper
    - Browser Unlimited tabs
    - Browser Developer settings
    - Custom header Date/Time Tweaks
    - Improved Quicklauncher
    - Improved Horizontal EQS
    - New Venom Venom Downloads UI
    - New Venom Package Installer
    - Fixed aosp incoming
    - Fixed rosie menu fc
    - New tweak custom lockring positions
    - Added Venom equalizer
    - Overscroll colour tweak
    - Added cube animation tweak
    - New tweak transition animations
    - Reboot safemode added to apm
    - Hide n Reorder quicksettings now reset Statusbar when press OK
    - Added more options in Rosie menu
    - Rosie is back to 1 apk
    - Fixed Force 2D Rendering
    - Fixed volume up issues when screen off
    - Added Extra info options for pulldown tweaks
    - Fixed Headset not working when screen off
    - Fixed Longpress buttons --- Expand notification bar
    - Fixed Some Tweaks app typos
    - Too much more
    This has been a tremendous journey, since Viper One S is far away from an ordinary custom ROM. I have never seen so many code changes, ten thousands of new lines have been added and the result is the most customizable ROM ever. This beast is even directly connected to the cloud with the option to download many Themes from Venom Hub and receive OTA updates.

    I really need to thank especially torxx, who is just a fantastic dev and a great guy, the genuises behind that project j4n87 and monarx, richmondouk for porting all this stuff to JB, the entire team, especially Vin, shniz who are really very helpful and nice guys. Last but not least a huge thx to our entire Beta team , you find all there names under credits, make sure you hit thx for them, since they hav spent hours testing and flashing and on out teamchat. Their help was really valuable and they all are an important part of our Team.

    I really hope you enjoy this ROM as much as we already did during the testing period and be friendly and patient in this thread. We all are here for fun and want to enjoy the best device HTC has build (sorry X users...) with the best Sense ROM available on the market.

    So enjoy guys
    AW: [ROM][S4][18 JAN] Team Venom presents: ViperOneS 2.0.0 | Sense 4.+ | 4.1.1 | Twea

    Viper 2.1 is now moving from BETA to RC Status... :)

    Sent from my HTC One S
    First 2.1 BETA is now pushed to Viper test team. Still a lot of stuff to iron out, but once ready and confirmed, this will be the biggest update ever you guys have seen for Viper :cowboy: