teardown problem?

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Nov 30, 2018

New to oneplus 5 forum.
I recently bought a used oneplus 5 with a broken screen.
I am reasonably familiar with replacing screens, and the odd modular parts of phones:)
So, replaced the screen and frame, put it back together, everything seemed good
Checked everything, all things seem to work, except for loudspeaker?
Headphone output works , but I get a clicking from the speaker.
Have tried another working speaker - same thing.
Have ordered another flex cable from motherboard to speaker in case thats the fault.
There are several contacts on the speaker and underlying module that appear to connect with the back case.
The back case has the headphone and usb charging port, and several electrical contact points.
So - does anyone know if the back case has to be clipped back into place to get the speaker working?
I am reluctant to try it just to see see because it is a pain in the xxss to get it off again without scratching my shiny new frame.

if anyone can enlighten me who has experience of this I would be most grateful.

Not open for further replies.