Teclast X98 3G - 9.7" Retina 22nm Intel x64 Bay Trail Android tablet

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Dec 27, 2018
I have an old Viva i10G tablet - right now alot of apps are not working anymore, is there any way to make it work? switch to Windows or any other options?

Thanks guys


May 6, 2016
I have an old Viva i10G tablet - right now alot of apps are not working anymore, is there any way to make it work? switch to Windows or any other options?

Thanks guys
Mine too! Play service automatically download wrong version of the app and crashed all the time, I reinstall manually one older version for android 4.4 x89.. If someone make a rom based on Android 5+ maybe apps work! But nobody make when was new the tablet now... Very difficult... Sorry for my bad English!


May 6, 2016
Hello! I know that maybe nobody use this tablet anymore but I want to try to change it in windows but all link files are not active. Can anyone send me the file that I need!
I have the android 4 from allview viva i10g firmware now.

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    KitKat update guide (HKC1 ONLY)

    So let me do the tutorial real quick. This is a translation from this tutorial: http://hispatablets.com/teclast-x98/tutorial-para-instalar-kitkat-teclast-x98-hkc1-t1790.html


    1. Installl Drivers
    First of all, let's install the necessary files. Install in the following order:
    1. iSocUSB-Driver-Setup
    2. IntelAndroidDrvSetup
    3. ManufacturingFlashToolSetup
    Once those three are installed, copy the CUSTOM_CONFIG.INI file in the folder where you've installed Manufacturing Flash Tool. The default path is C:/Program Files[(X86) if you have a 64-bit machine]/Intel/Manufacturing Flash Tool.

    Unzip the big firmware file (KK-HKC1.zip) and check for a file called flash.xml.

    2. Extracting VID/PID
    We open Manufacturing Flash Tool, we click on File-Settings, and the following appears:


    We have to input the VID and PID values for our device so MFT recognizes it. We'll have to put it in Flash mode and Droidboot mode so we get the 2 VID and 2 PID values necessary. We get the reading of the VID and PID values from the Device Manager in the following fashion:

    2.1 Extract VID and PID from Flash Mode (SOC Devices)
    1. Turn device off
    2. Hold both volume buttons AND the power button until the Teclast logo appears
    3. Connect the tablet with the MicroUSB cable
    4. Once connected, go to Control Panel-Device Manager
    5. Seek the Intel Android Phone category, just over Intel SOC. Expand it and right-click on Android ADB-Interface. Click on Properties
    6. In the Properties Menu, click on the Details tab (third one) and then on the scrollable list. Check Hardware ID.
    7. You'll see two alphanumeric codes, one for VID and the other for PID. Take note of them,
    8. Unplug the USB cable and leave the tablet alone for a bit. It'll turn off on its own.

    2.2 Extract VID and PID from Droidboot (Android Devices)
    1. Turn device off
    2. Hold both the Volume+ AND the power button until the Teclast logo appears, and then the Droidboot screen (similar to Fastboot)
    3. Connect the tablet with the MicroUSB cable
    4. Once connected, go to Control Panel-Device Manager
    5. Seek the Intel Android Phone category, just over Intel SOC. Expand it and right-click on Android ADB-Interface. Click on Properties
    6. In the Properties Menu, click on the Details tab (third one) and then on the scrollable list. Check Hardware ID.
    7. You'll see two alphanumeric codes, one for VID and the other for PID. Take note of them,
    8. Unplug the USB cable.
    9. Browse with the volume buttons until you get to the Power Off option. Confirm with the Power button and the tablet will turn off

    Once we have the VID and PID values, we input them on the Manufacturing Flash Tool in this specific way:


    In my case, the values were:
    Soc Devices: VID 8087, PID 0A65
    Android Devices: VID 8087, PID 09EF

    3. Installing the firmware

    Now we have MFT open, so we close the Settings menu with "OK" so the VID/PID values are confirmed. Now the good part comes: installing the firmware. We click on File-Open and we browse for the folder with the unzipped firmware. Look for the flash.xml file and select it,

    It's time to put the device on flash mode. With the device turned off, we hold both volume buttons and the power button until the Teclast logo appears. Connect the tablet right after that and let it be. As you see from my log, the flashing takes at least 8 minutes, so be patient and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL WHAT'S HOLY DON'T DISCONNECT THE TABLET WHILE IT'S FLASHING. It'll do everything on its own, including the reboot.

    4. Fixing the audio

    If we stop there, we'll notice quickly that there's no sound input (mic won't work) or output (no sounds come from the speakers). We need to inject a couple of files.

    1. Download Audio_Update.zip and unzip it
    2. Turn on the tablet and activate ADB debugging mode in the settings
    3. Open the folder where you've unzipped it and open a shell (command window)
    4. Plug the tablet to your computer
    5. Run the following commands:
      [B]adb devices[/B]
      [this is so we check that the tablet is correctly seen by the computer, it should say "BayTrail something"]
      [ignore the error that comes out]

    Once you've ran the three you'll be prompted to press a key. The tablet will be rebooted and you'll get to say "OK Google" in peace.

    And that's it. Enjoy the chucklet!

    Thanks have to be given to leroys who provided the firmware. Also dukito from HispaTablets provided the driver files that I link in the Mega folder. I hope you enjoy it, Remember that no success is guaranteed and that any result is your and only your responsibility. Which is fine.
    TECLAST X98 3G, Allview Viva/Impera i10G Windows - Final version! Fully tested!

    TECLAST X98 3G, Allview Viva/Impera i10G
    THIS IS NOT THE SAME TABLET as Teclast x98 AIR 3G, don't use any BIOS'es or roms from the AIR, AIR II. It has a different processor! Flashing a wrong bios will brick your tablet!


    Manufacturer's page:

    Technical characteristics:
    • Screen size: 9.7 inches
    • Screen type: IPS (Retina Display)
    • Screen resolution: 2048 * 1536 (4:3)
    • Processor: Intel Bay Trail 64 Z3735D 1.83 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB DDR3L
    • Internal memory: 32 GB EMMC
    • Operating system: Android 4.2
    • Camera: 2mp front, backside 5mp
    • Support for WCDMA, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
    • GPS navigation + A-GPS
    • Bluetooth, WIDI
    • SIM card slot
    • Micro USB port
    • 3.5 mm headphone jack
    • memory card support TF CARD 64 GB (tested with SanDisk card)
    • OTG
    • Built-in dual speakers and microphone
    • Battery: 8500mAh
    • Size: 239.5 mm (d) x 180.5 mm (w) x 8.6 mm (H)
    • Weight: 602g
    Google Drive with all necessary files for Android/Windows conversion! These are not the latest version but will do the job!

    Configure your system for correct installation:
    Install Intel drivers (From Teclast › Drivers_Tools)
    Please install the drivers on your PC in the following order:
    (In the case you are still using Windows XP Please install NetFramework_3.5_full.exe).

    How configure software installation:
    Install Intel Manufacturing Flash Tool.
    I could be necessary to copy a custom CUSTOM_CONFIG.INI file to the program installation folder, please see your manufacturer instructions for updating your tablet. I'm not going to be very specific as I have a Allview Viva I10G, and it could be different....
    Go to C:\Program Files\Intel\Manufacturing Flash Tool.
    Start Manufacturing Flash Tool.exe
    Go to: “File”->“Settings”->“General properties”->“SOC devices”->“VID”-> insert 8087 and into “PID” -> insert 0A65 -> “OK”
    Software update: “File”->”Open” select flash.xml file from update folder.
    Switch the tablet OFF and while holding the "VOL +" and "VOL-" click "Power". When the tablet stops at the manufacturer logo, connect the tablet to the PC.

    If it's not working reinstall Android Drivers or check Hardware manager the Android Device that appears in "Flash Mode" has the same VID-PID as instructed above. If they are different, try to use the ones that are used. This is not quite clear, needs more work!

    Go to Google Drive with all necessary files for Android/Windows conversion! and download Toolbox.rar. Unrar it to your folder of choice and run it by starting as Administrator 1_Toolbox.bat!
    This utility shows you how to enable developer mode, and also checks if the drivers are installed... If not it will install them for you!

    Now run in this order, following all instructions:
    ToolBOX Teclast x98_3G

    a) Download files, which needs for install WINDOWS.
    This option downloads a Windows 8.1 ISO for our tablets and places the files in the ToolBox folder.

    b) Prepare Windows boot USB-Drive.
    Pretty self explanatory, you need a 4GB+ FAT 32 USB disk. It will format the disk and inject the previously downloaded files in the USB drive.

    c) Install "update.zip".
    Maybe if you have a factory TECLAST ROM you should do it? I don't know what it does?
    I never installed it, but I tested on a ALLVIEW VIVA I10G and the process is somewhat different! I've installed the Android files using intel MFT. :(

    d) Flash a firmware to Tablet-PC. (FastBOOT)
    It should install latest Teclast Android ROM 116, THAT IS NEEDED TO HAVE A FULLY FUNCTIONAL TOUCH in Windows. If you skip this step Windows will work OK, but you won't have a functional touchscreen whatever you do!
    If You are already on Teclast 116, you can skip this step!

    If it doesn't flash properly the first time you try (like me on a ALLVIEW VIVA I10G) skip this step, install Allview Android rom back into the tablet, install windows without touch support by skipping step c and d, then convert back by flashing a TECLAST ANDROID BIOS and a proper TECLAST android 116 rom, then repeat the process from a to f!
    To flash Android/Windows Bios at will use fptw_NEW.zip.

    e) Install ROOT and BUSYBOX (Android).
    Gain root, required for flashing BIOS!

    f) Flash BIOS to Tablet-PC.
    This will flash original teclast windows bios to the tablet.

    Install Windows 8.1 on Tablet

    1. connect the USB hub to the Tablet, it connect the keyboard and the bootable USB flash drive you created earlier using TOOLBOX.
    2. turn on your Tablet and press Delete several times.
    3. In the window that appears, go to category select BIOS Save & Exit

    4. In the category Boot Override, select to Boot USB flash drive
    Then Save and exit!

    5. install Windows 8.1 if everything was done correctly, will start automatically.

    6. After the advent of "Operation Successful", immediately unplug the USB flash drive.

    7. turn off the Tablet by long pressing Power.
    8. turn on the tablet.

    Congrats! You have successfully installed Windows 8.1!

    After successful installation install every driver from drova.zip manually. Right click on every .inf and select install.
    EDIT: After windows 10 November update:
    Complete ALLVIEW Impera i10G (Teclast x98 3G) Official windows 10 driver package that fixes touch problems can be obtained here!

    After windows install, now what? Quick fixes, driver updates, longer lasting battery...
    1. First step will be to upgrade to windows 10, it's newer, works really well, and you will get some updated drivers out of it! Don't forget to insert your license number prior to upgrading so you can take advantage of the free upgrade from Microsoft ;)

    2. Install Wi-Fi Fix. Teclast WIFI Optimization tool, I have it installed but I don't really know if it makes a difference. It's for x98 Air 3G. After I've installed it and ONDA 911 my WiFI is 100% stable. It could be the BIOS or this program, I don't know, but it works.

    3. Update your bios:
    Teclast BIOS11.09.2014 is recommended or latest 911 version (found it at last, all bios-es HERE). Teclast BIOS 28.08.2014 has a touchscreen bug that crashes the touch drivers with 5+ touch points! Onda 911 works sometimes better but you need to sacrifice 3G and GPS, everything else is stable including touch and wireless.

    4. BATTERY DRAIN FIX UNDER WINDOWS (thanks to vpx)
    The main problem is very old (year 2006) driver of "Intel SD Host Controller", they are 3 in Device manager. Only thing what you need is update driver.
    • start Computer Management (hold My Computer and select Manage)
    • select Device management
    • find SD Controllers, if you click on it, there are 3 "Intel SD Host Controller"s
    • hold on every one controller, select "Update Driver", select driver from computer, and there is another option "SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller", install driver, confirm restart of computer after last update install.
    • reboot

    If you have problems with wireless when using Bluetooth at the same time it was so damn slow, you can use updated Bluetooth and Wireless drivers attached to this post ( Air_3G_Updated_WLAN_and_BT_drivers.zip).
    These drivers were discovered November 4th from Dell site and seems to have fixed the issue.

    6. FIX Bluetooth only works only in settings page. Disable "Allow the computer to put this device to sleep" in power management page. (24.05.2016, new drivers don't need this fix)

    7. Install Comneon Modem driver. Use compatibility mode to install the driver, it's not visible in the METRO interface, but you can use the modem as a dial up modem. I never use it, I know it works. tough...

    8. Lower Video card preallocated ram. The tablet has 2 Gb of ram and by default 512 Mb are already allocated to the video card. I use 128/256 for the preallocated video RAM, as the card can still go up to 512 if needed. This setting lets Windows use up to 1.9 Gb ram wich is more than enough for a fluid experience. You can change this is the bios, look for preallocated vram (or something like that).

    9. DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE IN THE BIOS. The settings range from nonworking to doing something totally different. It's better to leave them alone there is nothing too interesting there and messing with the USB settings could make the USB port fail (remember it's the only port, your only recovery if something fails).

    10. Disable fast boot and related settings in bios, this removes the Teclast logo on boot to an American Megatrends one (BIOS POST SCREEN) wich is more pleasant to the eye than those Chinese characters! Speedwise, I haven't noticed any difference!

    11. Update Kionix Rotation Sensor and Sensor Fusion - 2015 1.28.3. Try to backup your Orientation registry setting first.

    12. Delete recovery partition: Only if you installed Windows 10, you can safely delete Windows 8 recovery partition. It's best to use the Disk Manager tool included in windows as it allows you to delete recovery partition and also resize the system partition. You win ~500 mb ? on the system drive by deleting the unused recovery partition. You can't go back to windows 8 if you do this. You can also delete windows 8 backup files (it gets deleted automatically after 30 days?)! Windows 10 recreates this partition at every major update so it's not a good tip!

    13. Clean windows WinSxS folder after using WINDOWS UPDATE (thanks to jcespi2005)
    Follow these instructions to clean WinSxS folder.

    14. Fix touchscreen is sluggish, high system interrupts bug.
    BUG IS CAUSED BY A WINDOWS SETTING, Windows 10 Fast Startup. To disable it follow this tutorial! or just run the attached bat file as administrator!
    This was tested with the IMPERA drivers!
    The driver is not perfectly compatible with our tablets, and sometimes portions of the screen just don't work. To also fixor at least minimize the issue turn off power saving for I2C HID device.

    Known Problems/bugs

    • Front camera is very good for skype and communication programs, only the photos have a violet hue. I found out that this is a problem with some camera modules only!
    • Back Camera is too dark and autofocus doesn't work With the latest drivers and windows 10 1511 camera is fixed!
    • 3G modem can be used only as a ON DEMAND connection as the drivers are for windows 7. Metro interface doesn't recognize the modem at all.
      I think this is caused by an incomplete flash procedure, Checked my bios against an Impera Bios and on mine, intel TXE version was missing, but on Impera was version and You just need to use a flash with complete information, that info can be extracted from first Allview Viva i10G update.
    • Touch is problematic. ?! With the latest drivers and Disabling Windows fast startup touch is fixed 99%!

    This "Tutorial" was compiled in my free time, take it as it is, it worked for me, I've inspired from 4PDA thread and want to thank those guys for their great help, from techtablets and from the x98 Air thread here on XDA (that is pretty similar hardware).

    Converting back to android (simple version, don't have time to make a complete tutorial):
    Just flash the latest Teclast Android Bios and install latest Teclast Rom. Easy as pie!
    NEVER INSTAL ALLVIEW VIVA BIOS if you're converting to Android, it bricks the tablet 100% of the time! On my tablet when converting from Android, I was forced to use only Teclast 116 ROM, as Allview Viva's Rom has the touch Inversed!
    Teclast's 116 Rom Works great it has a problem with not working sound after Android Conversion! To fix this, Download the First Allview Viva Rom update, and somewhere in the upgrade files there is a 4.2.bin file... It's a bios file, just flash it and everything will work great!

    24.06.2016: Hi guys, this is my last update to this thread, I upgraded to an Teclast X98 Plus 3G.
    Try to read the original 4PDA post first, but using the toolbox is pretty easy!
    Rooting 4.4.2 KitKat

    SuperSU doesn't work too well, or the way I did it didn't work (i.e. You could get root prompts, but SuperSU app would be in an endless wait when you opened it to manage your apps, which was bad). So I decided to try Clockworkmod (Koush's) Superuser app, and it works nicely. I blundered my way through it, but the following should be a nice distilled version.

    • A computer with the necessary drivers
    • Developer mode enabled and ADB enabled

    1) Download APK of Koush's (Clockworkmod) Superuser (Zip file)
    2) Locate x86 su binary and extract
    3) Enable ADB over USB in developer's options
    4) Install CWM Superuser from playstore but don't open it just yet

    5) Here we will prepare a partially rooted system
    # Remount /system as RW
    adb root
    adb remount
    adb shell
    mount -o rw,remount /system
    # Get the su binary across
    adb push su /system/xbin/
    adb shell
    chmod 6755 /system/xbin/su
    ln -s /system/xbin/su /system/bin/su

    adb reboot

    # Temporary root
    adb root
    adb remount
    adb shell
    mount -o rw,remount /system
    su --daemon

    6) We have a temporary rooted system, install Stericson Busybox from playstore
    7) Install busybox without smart install, you should get a superuser prompt

    8) We will imitate a (SuperSU) rooted system by using ES file manager to make the following files:

    /system/xbin/su --daemon &

    <ADB Root Shell>
    chmod 666 /system/etc/.installed_su_daemon
    chmod 755 /system/etc/install-recovery.sh

    Get term-init.sh from: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=32716412&postcount=2
    Thanks to Ryuinferno!

    9) Enable init.d support, upload term-init.sh to sdcard
    adb push term-init.sh /sdcard/
    or download from the link and then from adb
    <ADB Root Shell>
    sh /sdcard/term-init.sh

    10) To make su load its daemon every boot, we will need some init.d scripts
    /system/xbin/su --daemon &

    11) That should be it! Reboot and make sure init.d works in /data/Test.log
    <ADB Root Shell>
    adb reboot
    I could not find this tablet mentioned anywhere on XDA, so I've decided to create this thread for sharing impressions and useful information between owners and anyone interested.


    Manufacturer's page:

    • CPU: Intel Bay Trail-T 3735D 64bit, 22nm, 1.3(turbo 1.83)GHz
    • RAM: 2GB (DDR3L)
    • ROM: 32GB eMMC Flash
    • Display: 9.7 inch IPS 2048x1536
    • Camera: 2MP front / 5MP back (AF)
    • Radio: 802.11b/g/n, GSM+WCDMA, GPS, BT 4.0, WiDi
    • Connectivity: mkHDMI, mkUSB/OTG, mkSDXC
    • Battery: 8500mAh

    MSRP: 1299CNY (approximately $210US).

    First impressions
    Fast, responsive, light, crisp and bright
    Several Chinese apps. Some of them installing other Chinese apps. (removed/disabled, except for tUI and TeclastAutoUpdater)
    No Apps drawer. no widgets - Apple-like UI. (Apex Launcher installed)
    Overall feeling of money well spent :D

    Current problems
    I've found two things that I don't like about the tablet:
    First, the speakers. I can't complain about sound - there's some bass, highs are clear, overall quality is good. But it eludes me why would someone place two speakers on the same side?
    Second, and hopefully, temporary one, is the battery meter. From 0% it goes to 100% in about 20 minutes (BTW, the tablet pulls 2A out of the bundled PSU), says "charging 100%", for few hours more the current is still 2A, then 1.5A for some time, then 1A (somewhere here its starts to say "Charged"), and after 8 hours, when the current was 0.2A, I've disconnected the cord. "Bleep! Connect the charger! 10%" :eek: After an hour of use, I turned it of, then on... 77%! Went down to 8% after an hour more, then to 7% in another hour... :silly: A firmware update is definitely needed here. BTW, in 2 days I own the thing, I've had 2 updates, so the manufacturer's developers are doing something.

    --- Update 2014-08-01

    I've got the POWER!

    The bad news are - (1) technical support does not answer emails, at least in my experience.. Probably because of language difficulties, maybe they have some other reasons. (2) replacement batteries are hard to find - on ali express I found only one seller who claims his batteries are 12Ah. The good news is - I did not need all of that. Finally, I've decided to open the thing up and check all accessible connection points.

    You'll need a sharp tool (there are special plastic tools, but I used regular small knife to start, and a plastic one from ikea to widen and crack on the initial opening). Back cover is snapped on over the screen base on small latches, and all you need to do is slit the groove that goes around the screen a little, then go on unlatching until it comes apart. The groove is just around the screen, between two plastic parts, not around the metal cover.
    All I needed to do was tracking the battery wire, lifting black tape, and re-plugging the wire in its place. Full battery power is now restored. Feeling are mixed -- :D or :( ?
    [Guide] Teclast X98 3G - Dual Boot Windows/Android X86 [Marshmallow/KitKat]

    I'm not the original developer of these builds. These builds are based on Android-x86 Open Source Project. All the credits goes to the original developers! I just slightly modded them and added couple fixes. Also I'm not responsible for bricked devices etc.

    This is not the only way to install Android x86 but probably the easiet way.
    How to install:
    1. Install Android x86 4.4-r3 EFI to FAT32 partition using Android-x86 Installer UEFI Version. (If you have 8Gb FAT32 partition then you can select 3.5Gb for "Data size")
    2. After installation copy and replace "kernel", "initrd", "ramdisk" and "system" from Android x86 build (MM, CM13 or KK (links below)) to just created "AndroidOS" folder (in FAT32 partition). Then delete system.sfs from "AndroidOS" folder.
    How to reboot to Android from Windows 10:
    1. Open Settings, and click on the Update & security icon.
    2. Click on Recovery on the left side, and click on Restart now under Advanced startup on the right side.
    3. Select "Use a device"
    4. Select "Android-OS"
    5. Now your tablet will reboot to Android (You do not need to press any button anymore!)
    You can also use a shortcut which leads you to the step 3. Select "Use a device" directly. You can download Advanced_Startup_shortcut.zip from HERE. TIP: You can also change the shortcut icon. Just download ico-file (for example THIS) and then:
    1. Unzip Advanced_Startup_shortcut.zip and place the shotcut to desktop
    2. Right click shotcut and click properties
    3. Select change icon
    4. Browse to the ico-file and select it
    5. Done



    Not working:
    • 3G
    • bluetooth
    • both cameras
    • sd-card reader
    • battery indicator (shows always 100%)
    • deep sleep is not working
    • Touch will not work sometimes, reboot will fix it
    • Google Play Services has an error notification but Google Play Store etc. are working
      • Just enable all permission from Settings/Apps/Google Play Services
      • If you want to get rid of that notification then disable Google Play Music notifications from Settings/Apps/Google Play Music


    XDA:DevDB Information
    Android x86 6.0.1 Marshmallow, Teclast X98 3G

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.1 Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.4.10

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    CyanogenMod 13 [Marshmallow]


    Not working:
    • 3G
    • bluetooth
    • both cameras
    • sd-card reader
    • accelometer
    • battery indicator (shows always 100%)
    • deep sleep is not working
    • Touch will not work sometimes, reboot will fix it
    • Messenger app thinks that memory is full (false alarm)
    • No GAPPS


    XDA:DevDB Information
    Android x86 CyanogenMod 13, Teclast X98 3G

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.1 Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.4.8

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    KitKat 4.4.4


    Not working:
    • 3G
    • bluetooth
    • both cameras
    • volume buttons
    • deep sleep is not working
    • Touch will not work sometimes, reboot will fix it
    • Accelometer is upside down. (You can use Rotation Control untill it is fixed).


    XDA:DevDB Information
    Android x86 KitKat 4.4.4, Teclast X98 3G

    ROM OS Version: 4.4.4 KitKat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.0.8

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2016-05-22
    Last Updated 2016-05-24